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May 1, 2012 12:46 PM

Looking for New Pots and Pans

I was looking at getting new pots and pans, what are the best not so expensive? I saw some stainless steel ones on amazon with great reviews, but I wanted to see what you guys would say. The stainless steel pots and pans set in amazon are form Cuisin Art and T-Fal.

Also we live in an area where the water has a lot calcium, will that mess up the pots I get?

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  1. Hi, Dex:

    It sounds like you want to buy new, and buy a set. Just so you know, neither is a must.

    For clad, Tramontina gets good reviews here, both in terms of quality and price. I would buy one pan or only a small set of whatever you get to see if you like it--you can always add pieces.

    Frankly, you might get the most bang for your buck buying commercial-grade aluminum pans at a restaurant supply store.

    Whatever you get, I encourage you to go to a brick-and-mortar place and actually handle the wares. Handle ergonomics and heft mean a lot to most people.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Great advice from kaleo. There is a tremendous weight difference from say an All Clad d5 or Viking or Demeyere and Cuisin Art or T-Fal or Calphalon. There is also quite a price difference. To a point weight is your friend when cooking, thermal mass = less cooling when food is added, as an example. But at some point, and that point is different for everyone, weight becomes a burden as the pot or pan jsut becomes too heavy for you to move about freely. It's best to put your hands on one and see how it feels. When shopping for a new sauté pan, I wanted to get a feel for the pan before I bought. Unfortunately, this reduced my choices considerably, however, I at least knew what I was buying in terms of weight and handle comfort. In the price range you mentioned, BB&B has a good selection to inspect.

    2. Hi Dexinthecity, we supply a number of commercial-grade pots and pans that are great for home use as well - it just depends on what exactly you're looking for. It also depends on you to keep them from getting messed up. Things like not putting metal utensils on a non-stick pan, which can cause scratches. Check out our selection here:

      1. Since you are not sure what you want, I suggest you first figure out which is the one type of pan you need most, then decide which is the best version of that type of pan for you. Use that one for awhile, then do it again for the next one. You don't want to commit to a bunch of pans, then decide another choice would have been better.

        1. Great advises from everyone. Particularly, GH1618's suggestion is very direct. You will have to decide what pots and pans you need the most. You may want stainless steel surface cookware, or you may not. Some people love them, but some don't. This, you have to figure out for yourself.

          You can definitely buy pots and pans individually, and you should consider that as a real possibility. If you prefer to buy a set, then the Tramontina stainless steel triply cookware set is a good buy.

          <Also we live in an area where the water has a lot calcium, will that mess up the pots I get?>

          A bit, but not permanently. You will see some salt deposits, but you can clean them up with acidic solutions like white vinegar or Bar Keeper's Friend

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          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            I agree with your recommendation Chem with a small change. I would recommend the Tramontina set with the larger kettle and skillets:


          2. If you are more interested in a set, go to Costco if you have one near you, and look at their private label stuff. You can handle their clad stainless, which I believe is Tramontina, as well as an anodized aluminum set that is very similar to Calphalon. I don't know who makes the aluminum set. They also sell a nonstick set if you are into it, and I am not sure of that manufacturer either, but the quality was really good.

            Yeah,the advice is not to buy a set, but these are pretty useful pieces overall. I looked at them for my daughter, and they were all impressively made and priced really well.