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May 1, 2012 12:39 PM

BYOB in Portland

Does anyone know if you can still BYOB to Asmara on Oak Street? Other BYOB locales in greater Portland?

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  1. Schulte and Herr on Cumberland ave is a small German restaurant that is BYOB.

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    1. re: ejohnson

      ...and I had a great dinner there last night with my son. I had the sauerbraten and he had a terrific ravioli type dish (I forget its German name). Potato pancake app. Every table in the place brought their own bottle.

    2. I third the Shulte and Herr recommendation. The food hearty and satisfying,goes well with a Belgian beer. I also find the entire staff kind and interested in their patrons. Its worth my trip from Boston!

      1. I see this thread is actually Portland Maine, so will post a new thread.

        1. Asmara serves beer and wine:
          I think that means they can't be BYOB.

          BYOB destinations I do know of in Portland are Schulte & Herr and Tu Casa. The Well in Cape Elizabeth (seasonal) is also BYOB.

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              I thought Tu Casa was not BYOB after the renovations. They were selling beer but perhaps no longer?

            2. Dock's Seafood in South Portland