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May 1, 2012 12:24 PM

Kaffir lime leaves for Tom Kha

I love Tom Kha Thai soup, especially with shrimp. I have located all the ingredients except for
Kaffir lime leaves. Where can I find them in the "greater" Lexington area???


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. if you do a search, you'll find lots of similar queries. I haven't tried in many months, as I have a good frozen supply,.....sometimes Christina's in Cambridge has them frozen, you have to ask; russo's in watertown sometimes as well, fresh ... call and ask and if you call, ask where in the store to find them. when you do find them, let us know where so we can stock up. they freeze very well.

      1. My local Whole Foods (River St in Cambridge) carries them. You may want to call one close to you and see if they have them in stock.

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          that is really great to know. i would never have thought of them.

        2. If you live in Lexington, the first place to look for Asian ingredients is of course H-Mart in Burlington. If that is unsuccessful, try China Merchandise (across from Burlington HS on 3A/Cambridge St). And there is always Whole Foods on the Woburn/Winchester line.

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            msmouser, if you are anything ike me, HMart is toooo big and no one to help you. China Merchandise is tiny and packed to the brim, w/ tiny narrow aisles, but you won't get lost and if you ask for the co-owner, Joe, he will help you (other owner etc are NOT v helpful). I go here for many many things. Kaffir lime leaves are in freezer usually. There is also a tiny Indian store off Woburn Center rotary- that may have them.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              With H-Mart, unless you WANT to browse and explore, you often need to ask at the service desk to find out where the items on your list are located. At China Merchandise, I have had good luck asking whatever staffer I see where to find an item. Ditto at Raja&Rana's, further north on the same street.

          2. I saw lime leaves at Idylwilde Farms in Acton yesterday.