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May 1, 2012 12:04 PM

Fried Catfish/Soul Food Sides

I'm making a celebration meal for a friend who grew up eating soul food. What would be some other good side dishes to make with it? My parent's caught the catfish, I've got home butchered/smoked hocks in the freezer, ect, so I can make this pretty legit. I thought about making some poke salat, but I think it's getting a little late to pick some. I need to go check if they have any purple yet.

So far, the menu is fried catfish, hushpuppies, home frozen corn, coleslaw, fried okra, mac and chesse, and bread pudding. Tarter sauce and hot sauce too.


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  1. No suggestions here, but just wanted to comment and say that menu looks great so far!

    Only thing that I see that may be missing is the corn bread to go with everything! (But you have hush puppies already so I guess no need for double the carbs)

    1. White beans w/sweet red pepper relish.

      1. Goodness... yum. I'd probably consider greens of some sort - I like a mix of collard & mustard, but sometimes it comes down to what looks best. (Of course, I've been known to eat cold greens out of the can, so...)

        Fwiw, my favorite "tartar" sauce isn't - it's a mix of mayo, Zatarain's creole mustard,whole grain mustard (I think mine is a store brand), vinegar (I like pickle juice here too) and a teensy bit of sriracha.

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          That's kind of what mine is. I use pickles, mayo, purple onions, capers, lots of fresh dill, garlic, powdered mustard, whole grain mustard, fennel, cayenne pepper, and thyme. I just kind of toss it together.

        2. Black eyed peas, Greens but you have a large menu already. Soul food small bites party ( - ;

          1. Breaded fried pickle slices (discs).
            Breaded fried chicken livers.
            Hoppin John.
            I like shanagain's suggestion of collards - cooked down in pigs foot broth - even shred some of the pigs foot into the greens. Yum.