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May 1, 2012 11:25 AM

Mustard...the fresh wonderful French kind...where to buy?

A friend from Paris recently brought me 200g of freshly-made Maille mustard...amazing stuff: not just w/ charcuterie, but in place of salad dressing on warm salads, on Finnish rye bread, etc...with a little help from my friends, the cute 200g jug was empty in about 5 days...

So now that i'm addicted, anyone know where i can find something similar here in Manhattan...places like Kalustyans have dozens of jars of mustard, but there was huge difference between the fresh one my friend brought me from anything i've ever had from a sealed jar...thanks!...

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  1. The brand your friend brought you is apparently something very special.

    Apparently you can buy Maille in the USA but it is a very different product (made in Canada, they are owned by Unilever).

    I see reports on Yelp from people saying that you can get Maille Dijon Mustard from France at East Village Cheese.

    Dean & Deluca has it on their site, too, but you'll probably have to go and read the label yourself to make sure it is truly the French one and not the Canadian one.

    Someone on eGullet reports finding the French version in Costco:

    Closest you might get here is something like My Friend's Mustard or Tin Mustard?

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    1. re: kathryn

      hi!...thanks for these...the Maille mustard my friend brought me was the Chablis version...i will swing by East Village Cheese and Dean&DL and investigate...either that, or i'll just continue to urge my Parisian friends to visit NYC often and to fill a thermos w/ mustard before boarding the plane :)

      1. re: Simon

        The Maille you get on US store shelves is probably nothing like the kind you got; it has no bite and is as mild or more so than Grey Poupon.

        1. re: Humbucker

          The store World Market (a chain in Northern Virginia, I do not know where else) has Maille that is made in France. I checked the label. Clearly says France (I have seen the lables for the Maille that is made in Canada-it was definitely not one of those). Think that I bought it for about $5.00 too.

          It has been so long since I have been to France though, that I do not remember the taste clearly. Was expecting more bite, but as I read somewhere, even though this Maille was from France, it does not mean that it was properly handled all the way in transit.

          1. re: olspice7

            It may be made in France, but it is pasteurized if it is for sale here.

    2. I had a similar experience when friends visited Dijon, France and brought back some mustard from the source. As you say, amazing stuff!

      I haven't found a local source for the real deal, but I've learned some coping strategies for better-than-US Maille. Look to see if the mustard has an expiration date (e.g. Clovis brand). If so, buy the smallest possible jar with the farthest expiration date.

      Unless you're a huge consumer of mustard, don't expect the mustard to remain as sharp over time. I tend to use older mustard in recipes like a vinaigrette, marinade, or mustard cream sauce rather than straight on sandwiches.

      Finally, flavored mustards (e.g. green peppercorn) tend to be milder from the start.

      Good luck!

      1. What was bought in France, either Paris or Dijon, though that store may be closed, is unpasteurized. The difference is startling. l tend to get the whole grain traditional, there are also the chablis you got, and the regular white wine, sometimes they have one made with Meursault as well. Sorry, nothing in States is close. l bring back multiple jars and hope it last until my next French trip. D&D has many Maille but these are pasteurized and not the same zing as in the other. Check

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        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          This is the one I've always brought home from France and I see that you can buy it online now:

          Fairway sells Edmond Fallot from France; I thought it was good and assume it is the unpasteurized but again, maybe not (??


          1. re: erica

            Not betting on this, but the jarred Fallot and all Amora are pasteurized to my knowledge.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              You think they would have to pasteurize it to sell it here? So even if made in France, it would not be a guarantee of non-pasteurized? Is there any way to tell by looking at the label?

              I think there is also a problem with freshness with the mustard sold here in the US.

              1. re: erica

                AFAIK the ones served up from a beer like tap are the unpasteurized ones.

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  Oh, even in France then? So probably unlikely to ever find them in the US.


            2. re: erica

              The Maille mustard you can buy in US is also pasteurized. You can only get the fresh stuff at the store in Paris.

              I prefer Fallot mustard, and usually get it at Zabar's. It's available on, as well these days.

              We saw and used Amora mustard when we stayed in Lyon in November.

          2. We bring the Maille mustards back as well. These are the one that are filled by a pump into a crock so have not been processed. Unless there is an artisanal mustard producer in the US I doubt you will find something comparable. It is good though.

            1. Will be hard to find anywhere in the US.
              It's always worth the15 minute wait at the Maille store in Place Madeleine for some truly great mustard.