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May 1, 2012 11:04 AM

Need Restaurant Suggestion for Bachlorette Lunch

Need suggestions for a restaurant for a bachlorette lunch. This would be in July, either in the 6th street area downtown or SOCO area. 6-8 people attending for a 30 year old bride but rest of people would be in their 60's. We want a mixture of trendy, fun restaurants and local flavor. Thanks for helping!

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    Here's a start

    Taverna does a great brunch with $1 mimosas if it's on a weekend.

    1. If you really must limit yourselves to either SoCo or 6th Street, I think you're more or less limited to South Congress Cafe or Enoteca Vespaio. Both have great food, but South Congress Cafe can be pretty loud, so if you care about hearing one another, you might not be too happy. On the other hand, loud can also contribute to a festive feel. Enoteca's big drawback is that it's small, so a group of that size will be a challenge in their space.

      If you're willing to branch out a little bit to places downtown generally, my top picks would be La Condesa, Lambert's, or Ranch 616 (although the latter has a bit of the loudness issue, as well).