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May 1, 2012 10:59 AM

Old Town options

Looking for a decent lunch place not too posh midweek...on previous posts most of the recommended restaurants seem to be closed...any suggestions please?

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  1. Topo Gigio (Italian) and Bistrot Margot (French) are both open for lunch during the week. If you're looking for something more casual Corcoran's, Wells on Wells and Fireplace Inn are also open for lunch M-F. Are you looking for any specific cuisines or areas of Oldtown?

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    1. re: Coogles

      Thanks for being do quick with your reply. Bistrot Margot looks like the type of place I would prefer, thinking maybe Wed or Fri and as the weather seems to be improving maybe somewhere alfresco?? Have'nt been to Old Town before, so any suggestions are good

    2. Kamehachi on Wells was one of my favorites for lunch when I worked in the city - excellent sushi -

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        Agree about Kamahachi - the sushi is exceptionally fresh and well made, but nothing fancy or creative with maki or nigiri if that's what you like and are looking for.

        1. re: chicgail

          Kamahachi moved down north on Wells and I've heard it's gone quite downhill. The old Kamahachi was known for their fresh, quality simple sushi, but the new location sounds gimmicky and trying to hard to be trendy.

          For casual and cheap I would recommend Old Jerusulum (falafal pitas, good hummus and salads).

          For mid-range, Topo Gigio and Bistro Margot. Beware, the serving sizes at Topo Gigio are very generous! You might want to consider splitting.

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            Unfortunately I have to agree with the Kamehachi assessment. I was there recently with a group of friends and nothing really stood out to me. To be fair I was with a group of people for more of a pre going out dinner so I didn't get to try anything I normally would have ordered - just standard rolls and apps were ordered. There also was a very large bachelorette party there and the service suffered a lot due to our server having far too many tables (20 minutes to get drinks for instance).

            1. re: PHXeater

              That is a shame about Kamehachi - it has been a while since I was there -