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May 1, 2012 10:31 AM

Is Wayfare Tavern worth it?

I am coming from Alberta for five days. I have some places that I am set on. I have areservation at Wayfare but am wondering if it is truly worth it?

Other places I am going to:


Slanted Door

Hog Island



Anchor and Hope

Pizzeria Delfina

Sotto Mare

La Tacqueria

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  1. If you're mostly looking for Italian and oysters, then you have a great list. There is some overlap in that list, but if that's your taste then I think you have a good list.

    Wayfare Tavern isn't like any of those restaurants. It very much has a Financial District feel but is updated. The food is somewhat heavy but I think it's very good. They do have oysters there (which I haven't tried), but the fried chicken, pork chop, and most of the appetizers and sides are very good.

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    1. re: calumin

      Thanks for the input.
      Definitely going for the shellfish and Italian thing. I want to see some of the difference between similar style places.

    2. If you're going to have a car and are up for a very scenic hour-long drive into Napa, you might consider Ad Hoc over Wayfare:

      The food is similar and may actually be a bit less expensive, depending on what you order at Wayfare.

      Also, I'd pass on La Taqueria. Search on 'taqueria' on this board for a million-and-one other recommendations. Nopalito (not in the Mission) and Tacolicious (in the Mission) are both, in my opinion, much better.

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      1. re: jpancake

        Ad Hoc is in Yountville, with evening traffic it might take two hours to get there, and much of the most direct route is not very scenic.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Was just there on Monday night, and it took about an hour both ways. And while I've lived here for 8 years, it was still quite scenic to me. YMMV.

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          just to give Banderson another opinion - La Taqueria is quite favored on this board, actually. (it's my favorite, along with Taqueria San Jose) It's very often considered one of the best of all the Mission taquerias. And it's much more of an actual "taqueria" than the hipsterish Nopalito and Tacolicious.

          1. re: mariacarmen

            I think going to a restaurant that uses quality ingredients is generally preferable to going to one that sources most of their stuff from Sysco. Call me a hipster, if you must.

        3. I found Wayfare Tavern completely unremarkable. The food choices were mainly reinventions on American classics, a theme found many places these days, and executed fine at Wayfare. I feel no rush or need to go back.

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          1. re: goldangl95

            I second this. The popovers served gratis before the meal were the high point for me.