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May 1, 2012 10:24 AM

BBQ classes in NJ

My sister would love to give her husband some classes/workshop on BBQ. The old fashioned kind (Texas or NC), and also the basic grilling type. BIL loves real BBQ and has commented on how he would love to take classes. He also could use some lessons on the proper way to cook things on the grill! He literally can't stop touching the steaks/burgers and is constantly moving them, never allowing them to get a crust. We end up with steamed food, rather than grilled meats. He's a great guy; just could use a little help from a master griller/cook. Any ideas? Jersey into Philly area would be preferred.

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  1. Viking Cooking School offers both grilling and BBQ classes. They're in Fairfield, but could also have something further south.

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      Google "BBQ classes in NJ". Can't speak for any, but a few came up. I might join him, sounds like fun

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        Viking has a location at Harrah;s in Atlantic City, and they do offer grilling classes. I try to keep up with cooking classes for the next 60 days on our website, FYI.