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May 1, 2012 09:51 AM


Greetings from Mexico

I will have a group of 8 touring Loire Valley In september and staying overnight at Chateau de Ternay.

For an evening out i was looking for a wine tasting followed by an informal dinner ( cheese, sausage, quiches and so on) maybe Chinon, Saumur but i am open to your sugestions

I was thinking of a rustic place..."Le tasting room" by Cathy Henton was by far my first option but we finally could not coordinate our agendas... :-(

So the thigns could you recommend me some places to do that for my group ?

On the other hand, my clients are arriving to Potiers early in the morning and i will transfer them from Potiiers Railway station to ternay and I am also looking ofr a charming place to have breakfast on the way, some B&B /bakery/hotel/restaurant.... let me know please

Thanks in advance


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  1. I don't know where Chateau de Ternay is, but...

    If you are within striking distance of Amboise, don't miss Le Pavillon de Lys. Heavenly in every way.

    Pick up some great Vouvray wine while in the area;

    As far as breakfast, the French don't really do breakfast unless it's a hotel catering to tourists...
    But you can have some nice croissants, tartines beurr├ęs, and great coffee just about anywhere.