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May 1, 2012 09:39 AM

2 nights in Toronto

We are visiting from Vancouver and want to know where to go for an awesome dinner. We get fantastic food in van city and were hoping to try some equally awesome food here. I checked out the menu for Splendido and it seemed way too pricey. Id like to keep mid-range price wise 20-40 dollars for the mains. We have a car and can go downtown or uptown we are staying in markham so any recommendations appreciated.

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  1. It really depends on the type of food ou like. Being from Vancouver myself, I would say avoid sushi an seafood restaurants, as it's so much better and cheaper in Vancouver. I would try the following:
    Khao San Road for awesome Thai food (the real deal, not what we usually get here!)
    Lee (a Susur Lee restaurant)
    Ruby Watcho (a Chef Lynn restaurant with a set $49 4-course menu that changes daily - highly recommend going here, but you'll need a reservation)
    Terroni, Queen Margherita, or Pizza Libretto for really good pizza
    El Trompo or Agave & Aguacate for Mexican food (both in Kensibgton Market, which also has great cafes and shopping for food)
    Old Yorke fish & chips for awesome, you guessed it, fish & chips
    School for great brunch in Liberty Village
    Amaya or Aravind for good Indian food

    Good luck!