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May 1, 2012 09:38 AM

Best Moroccan in MTL?

I've heard that African cuisines are one of Montreal's forte, but I don't recall seeing any thread about the best Moroccan food in Montreal.

Any recommendations?

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  1. Check out these two threads:
    I don't think much has changed in the Moroccan dining scene in the past 5 years.

    1. There is a new addition to Moroccan Restaurants in Montreal and that is "Le Petit Moroc" on Garnier in the Plateau.It is set up living room style and seats maybe 12-14 people tops.The Owner stresses how he wants to make you feel like your at home and you do!
      They usually have two Tangines and a Couscous all done to perfection.The Harira soup for starters is the best I have ever had(better to mention you want the soup when you reserve as it sometimes sells out before 7pm)rich and flavorful.The Couscous is served in single portion style and built up on the plate like a pyramid.The grain itself was excellent as they pour the juice from the vegetables through the Couscous three times and fluff the Couscous by hand the old fashioned way.My friend had the Chicken Tangine with confit de citron zest that gave it a nice pike.For desert we had a Moroccan Crepe drizzled with honey .
      This is a great place and with its size you and ten other friends could own the restaurant.Great for Birthday parties and the like.I am already set to go back next week.

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        Sounds great. I will keep it in mind.

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          Went to P'tit Maroc last night with my SO and we had a delicious meal. It's a tiny operation - a young chef in the kitchen and an older gentleman (his father?) serving. Agreed that the Harira soup was awesome, with lots of layered flavours. The perfect winter dish. If they sold it in jars, I would eat it every day. We had the same mains and dessert as finefoodie55, agreed that the couscous was light and fluffy, and the chicken tagine quite moist and zesty. Our Moroccan crepes came with perfectly ripe cantaloupe cubes.

          Also included in the table d'hote was a dish of olives on spears of pickled carrot/cucumber/lemons, a succulent milled tomato salad, simply flavored with cumin and lots of lemon juice, berber bread with onion seeds, and lots of tea.

          Very reasonably priced - when we went, $21/each for the table d'hote which was more than I could finish - and a really cozy atmosphere.

      2. Check out Au Tarot. It's Moroccan/Tunisian, has been run by the same guy for about 20 years now. Delicious food, cozy interior, warm service. The owner himself usually runs the floor, so you will probably be served by him. He is quite the character.