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May 1, 2012 09:32 AM

Montreal group dinner for 8 carnivores, 1 pescatarian and a vegan

Hello fellow eaters,

We're a bachelorette party visiting Montreal (from Toronto). There are 10 of us, most of us are adventurous foodies and love to eat and drink well.

For our Saturday night dinner, we're looking for the following:
- vegan-friendly-ish: I don't expect to find a menu with a vegan dish but hope we can find a restaurant that would at least accommodate us by adapting one of its vegetarian dishes for her.
- will take a reservation for 10 on a Saturday night
- mains about $20-30
- fun atmosphere where patrons can wear a party dress or jeans
- we're flexible on cuisine

For Sunday brunch, we just need a place that will take a reservation and is relatively close to Old Montreal, where we're staying.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. All your needs should be easy to fill except the vegan one - Montreal can be difficult even for vegetarians let alone those of stricter disciplines. Often the flavour gap left when meat is excluded seems to be filled with butter and cream.. About the only upscale place I know that's definitely vegan-friendly is Chu Chai (though it has been closed for renos for quite a while.. maybe open by now). A middle eastern place a la Kaza Maza or Alep might also be okay, but I'm not an expert at knowing what has milk products hidden in it. Alternatively, if you let some places know in advance they might be able to accommodate. I might try calling Lawrence or le Filet.

    An old Montreal brunch resto with vegan options that takes reservations may be even trickier. I can think of few good bruncheries in the area that take reservations at all. Holder might be an option if your vegan friend eats a fruit cup...
    Good luck!

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      Thanks for your suggestions. I really like the look of Holder for brunch and I've passed the idea on to the trip organizer. For dinner, we've made a reservation at Salle a Manger. They said they would "sauté some vegetables" for the vegan.