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May 1, 2012 09:24 AM

rusted cast iron

Our story so far:
The outside (emphasize: NOT the cooking surface) of a cast iron skillet has rusted.
I've cleaned the rust off with an SOS pad, water, and steel wool. and dried it as thoroughly as I can.
What is the next step to protect the outside (again, NOT the cooking surface) for the future?
I'm guessing some kind of oil and maybe putting in a low oven for some time.
But what kind of oil? neutral cooking oil? something else?
thanks in advance

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  1. Crisco shortening. Heat the pan in the oven, melt the Crisco, wipe exterior with a rag. Follow the procedure given here, where it applies:

    Normally, the Crisco would be melted right in the hot pan. Is there some reason you wouldn't want to do it that way? You could melt it separately.

    1. <What is the next step to protect the outside (again, NOT the cooking surface) for the future?>

      You can apply a thin layer of cooking oils (any really, except maybe extra virgin olive oil), and bake it for a hour at 350-400 oF.

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        tried this yesterday, your approach looked simple enough (and I have cooking oil in house, but not Crisco); results looked fine,thanks.

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          more than a year later, the frying pan show no signs of previous problems--I'd forgotten about this whole exchange, because the thing is as good as newly-broken in. If I didn't thank Chemicalkinetics enough then, I'm certainly trying to now!

          1. re: chairbc

            No need to thank me, but I sure am glad that you stopped by and share your experience with us. :)

        2. I try to use my ever growing collection of cast iron as much as possible, but rust is inevitable, I guess?!? I usually scrub with cheap salt, rinse well under HOT water and "dry" by setting back on burner till pretty hot. Then a dab of bacon grease... that's what my Grandmother always did. I wipe out inside with paper towels and continue wiping exterior with same paper towel. Works for me.