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May 1, 2012 09:07 AM

Desi Pizza in Canton, MI

Did I miss any discussion about the new Indian pizza place, Curry On Crust, place a few doors down from Neehee"s? Has anyone had it yet? What do you recommend? I love Neehee's but don't get out there often. DH and I might have to make a special trip soon to try it out.

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  1. I'm seldom out that way either, but was also interested so went a just few miles out of my way after an appointment to try it. I had imagined Namaste's chili chicken spread over a nice thick slab of naan, so jumped right in and ordered a large.

    Errr, not so much ...

    The NeeHee's folks are vegetarian, and I know that, so probably should have been more skeptical. I do like some of the NeeHee's sauces very much, though-- their chole gravy for one example.

    The pizza crust was just more or less a commercial medium-thin crust, with some sort of pattern embossed into the bottom of it, even. There was nothing particularly tender or naan-like elastic about it, and certainly was not freshly made as I had hoped. The sauce was, I don't know, just nothing special or particularly interesting-- some rather generic slightly Indian-ish red sauce. The chicken consisted of a few perfect 1/2" cubes tossed on here and there and entirely devoid of chicken flavor. And there was quite a lot of cheese over the entire thing, which for some reason I hadn't expected and which further muted any hints of Indian flavors.

    I am admittedly a tough sell.

    There were several middle-aged+ Indian couples enjoying their pizza at the few tables in the place (which happens to be the former NeeHee's location), plus they were doing a brisk carry-out business. I concluded the appeal must be more to people raised on Indian food who are either not comfortable dealing with an American pizza shop, or who just don't like the taste of basil and oregano.

    I'm still on the hunt for nice, fresh, sloppy kathi rolls, and really the flat format would have been fine with me. That's not what Curry on Crust turned out to be, though.

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      Interesting you should bring up Namaste's chilli chicken. There's really nothing else like it in the metro area. I've ordered chilli chicken from every--believe me, EVERY--Indian restaurant in metro Detroit that has it on their menu. No one else makes it like Namaste; Athidhi's is the closest. Most places make chilli chicken with too much soy sauce and/or too much vinegar, so the flavor ends up being like crappy Chinese take-out. Namaste makes it Keralan-style, meaning it's drier, more aromatic, less soy-saucey and gelatinous.

      Neehee's Indo-Chinese dishes are horrid, so it's not surprising their chilli chicken pizza failed to impress.

    2. I love Neehee's....but that love does not carry to Desi's. The crust was blahhhhh....

      1. Sounds like I'll skip it and just go back to Neehee's. Thanks for the warning.