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May 1, 2012 09:06 AM

Ceres Bistro Reviews Needed

We used to enjoy Ceres but last Mother's Day was a total disaster for my family. Soon, my mom will celebrate her 89th b day and we are celebrating with a dinner and lunch. We are seeking an ultra special dinner spot (in Worcester) and are considering Sonoma (Princeton). Mom mentioned there is a new chef at Ceres and is curious. Has anyone been lately? Thanks! We will have her second party the 26th at the Art Museum Cafe. I have not been there in quite some time.

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  1. I go there fairly regularly -- the last time was about 3 weeks ago, and I think we're going there tonight. I find it very consistent. I like the low-key atmosphere; it is a much better place to have a conversation than Via, the Sole, or the Chophouse. The service is just fine, and the food is reasonably creative and made with good-quality ingredients. The meal on average isn't quite as good as Sonoma, but the atmosphere is better, and it's a lot closer to Worcester.

    1. i'm going tonight with a foodies group, and our menu is fixed but should give me a sense of how things are going with the new chef. will report back!

      1. Well, I went last night and have a mostly positive review. Service and atmosphere were very nice as always. The pork belly app was yummy, although some might want a leaner chunk. A special seared tuna app was pretty plain. Bouillibaise was very nice -- good deep flavor, lots of fresh seafood, nice rouille on the toast -- a classic version. Bacon-wrapped pork loin, a special, was disappointingly dry and unflavorful -- the best part was the bok choy on the side. To their credit, they took it off the bill after noticing that our guest left most of it uneaten.

        1. Th new chef is William Nemeroff. He used to cook Cedar Street Restaurant in Sturbridge. It also has a new manager which probably more important for service and overall experience. Ceres was managed by the Niche group who do well but the service was lacking. FYI..the Mr. Nemeroff was the chef at The people's kitchen when you and your mom went there. Give a second chance! it might be better this time around

          1. We had our Worcester Foodies event here on Tuesday night and, as i mentioned, it was a fixed menu with some things that aren't on the regular menu, but I really enjoyed it. As mentioned, the chef used to be at TPK and I noticed a similar style in the food at this event. We had a pork chop that was really well brined and cooked perfectly, which is something I had previously at TPK. I think the food is definitely worth another try and hopefully the service lives up to your expectations as well!

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              I am game to try Ceres. My daughter's experience was so bad she is very resistant. We have a few weeks until the 25th to sort it out. I did email the manager about dining on the 25th and have not had a reply as of yet. I am always optimistic and willing to try again. Thanks for remembering our dining history, old school and thanks everyone else...I aim for dining perfection. Myy daughter and I both are in hospitality seasonally so are more aware of subtle nuances to big blunders perhaps..cheers