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May 1, 2012 08:59 AM

Downriver DTW

I just moved to the Trenton/Brownstown area and I am so disappointed in the lack of creative food choices. My DH and I always seem to end up driving to A2 for dinner and with a little one at home, have a hard time staying out too long. I keep thinking there's gotta be some home-cooking jems (Diner, Drive In and Dive types) among this sea of coneys and "family restaurants" but have yet to find one. Can anyone enlighten me? I've just about given up.

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  1. Don't know about home cooking, but Portofino in Wyandotte is a nice waterside place, outdoor seating in the summer.

    1. Haven't been there for a bit, but Sabina's in Melvindale has had good Polish home cooking.

      1. Rhapsody ... for Hungarian.

          1. I've been told from a Paisan whose food credibility is extremely high in my book that Moro's in Allen Park has the best Italian food in Detroit, barring his mother's house. Its on my list of places to go.


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              i had dinner at moro's years ago and it was pretty good. i have been there for lunch about four times with a customer that likes to go there. his words: "if you like garlic, you'll love moro's."

              its a small, old school room witrh a dark, clubby feel to it. white linen table cloths and startched napkins. the waiters are all in black tux's. service is prompt and professional and a little abrupt - take your order, bring your food no small talk or kibitzing - down to business. there is also some show involved - tableside salad preparation; some entrees & desets at dinner, too. the food is good. tom moro is a seasoned pro. the food is not over the top great, but solid. personally i like roma's house salad, veal, and pasta with meat sauce a little better, but i would not hesitate to order it here. the soups are pretty good, too, and usually something more adventurous than your basic minestrone. worth checking out.