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May 1, 2012 08:51 AM

BREADED wings: I know it's sacrilege, but...

My taste buds are holding me hostage. They want breaded, deep-fried, and sticky-goopy-saucey-spicy wings. I'm well aware that these are not Buffalo wings in any sense of the term. I'm well aware that breading interferes with crispness of the chicken skin and that the sauce dominates the flavour of the chicken etc. etc. But I like them! At least, I like them when they are FRESH (to minimize sogginess setting in, which I know is an issue with this preparation), STICKY, and SPICY :-)

I want to make these at home because ordering them at a pub or restaurant is such a crapshoot. Sometimes they are delicious (and that tantalizing possibility keeps my craving alive), but the risk of disastrous results is so high with this preparation (for the myriad reasons described by hard-core Buffalo aficionados) that more often than not I am disappointed.

Any advice or recipes?

Please don't preach the gospel of the Buffalo wing. I get it. I've eaten them at the Anchor Bar and my mom makes authentic fried Buffalo wings with butter & Frank's. And I do see the appeal. They just aren't what I find myself craving.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. To give you an idea of my taste, this recipe looks yummy wrt flavour, but they look dry rather than sticky (and obviously they are not actually wings but tenders).

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  1. Why even compare them to Buffalo wings? Let them stand on their own reputation and taste.

    But with a breading, and sticky sauce, they sound more Chinese like, in spirit of Chinese-American classics like s&s pork and General Tso's.

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    1. re: paulj

      Yes, kind of like a sticky Chinese-American wing in spirit (well-put!), but with a wing sauce rather than an asian sauce. And breaded, of course.

      1. re: kataboon

        The commercial ones are called Wing Zings (a derivative of Wing Dings). Nothing wrong with them at all, they are extremely popular and have been since the 1960s. Although they are not messy, the sauce is cooked in with the breading, but that is part of their appeal to me.

        1. re: coll

          Good to know - didn't realize that's what they were called. Thanks.

          1. re: kataboon

            They are so good, and bigger with more meat than any other commercially prepared hot wings. I've seen them listed on menus by their real name. Just deep fry and pig out!

    2. Sacrilege? The only difference between a breaded chicken wing to be pooh-poohed and Southern fried chicken to be drooled over is marketing.

      My local does a Southern fried chicken wing to die for. My advice would be to adapt a buttermilk-based SFC recipe to a pound or three of wings and go to town.

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      1. re: biggreenmatt

        Re: "The only difference between a breaded chicken wing to be pooh-poohed and Southern fried chicken to be drooled over is marketing." That makes me feel better! Read some of the Buffalo wings threads and you'll understand why my tail was between my legs when I posted this inquiry.

        Good idea re: adapting a buttermilk SFC recipe. I'll try that!

        1. re: kataboon

          You have to understand that Buffalo Wings are a specific kind of wing. A lot of people use it as a catch all term for chicken wings. It's not. It's like using the term fried chicken as a catch all that includes roasted, BBQ'ed, et al. Buffalo Wings are large, (maybe dusted with flour to promote crispiness but not always) and tossed in a sauce that's basically margarine and Franks Hot Sauce. Always served with Blue Cheese dressing and celery sticks.

          I was in Birmingham, Al early last month and ate at a soul food restaurant. Supposedly had the best fried chicken. Well, the fried chicken is wings only. They come served "All the way" which is, believe it or not, S&P, hot sauce and ketchup. They were awesome. Some of the best wings I've ever had. Breaded!!

          To all those who complain that wings SHOULD NOT be breaded I ask, who the hell let you decide??


      2. When you say "sticky", does that mean sweet?
        I've made these
        forever, they're a guilty pleasure.

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        1. re: blue room

          I'm referring to texture mostly, as I like my wings hot. I like just a bit of sweetness to round out the flavour.

        2. I love the boneless wings at Taco john's, with honey habenero sauce. Crispy, yet sticky. and spicy!