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May 1, 2012 08:03 AM

Trying to reserve at Cafe Des Musees

I have telephoned 5 or 5 times after 5pm (French time) and all I ever get is a recording in French that I cannot quite decipher. Does anyone know what recording says or have suggestions for reserving?

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  1. Try calling before the lunch rush starts - 11 or so. If that's too early for you to call, try after lunch winds down - 2:30. Seems quiet then as the staff is beginning to clean up.

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      I am in Calif. so time change is an issue. I did get our apt. Rental agency on the case and they told me today they will make reservation. I was worried because it is for 8 people on a Sunday and I think they are probably busy on Sunday's. Next I try to call Au Passage for Monday night. I was able to reserve online for Metropolitan in the 4th and that was wonderful. I'm afraid I'm very spoiled by the ease of opentable.com in the US. Thanks for your advice!

      1. re: macdog

        The same applies for us trying to book in the US, the time difference make it challenging. The answer Opentable - if only! You need a ten digit phone number (US style) so it doesn't work with my eleven digit one - and I am loath to put in a made up one in case the restaurant wants to reconfirm.

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          I would put in a fake one and then on the confirmation page explain the correct phone number in comment section!