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Huge leek harvest....HELP!!!

I am harvesting my winter leeks and I have a lot. They are mostly small to medium size. I make a nice leek & potato soup, but that's about it.

Please send ideas!!! Thanks.

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  1. I sub them anywhere that calls for onions, if that helps.

    1. Braised leeks ( in butter and/or olive oil) are divine. Also, I sometimes cut them in small half-moon shapes and simply sauté them. The braised ones use chicken stock in addition to the butter.

      1. I make Leek pie every so often. "Pre-sautee" both chopped double smoked bacon and chopped Leek and place them on nice Pizza dough. Add lots of pepper and caraway seeds and bake.

          1. Leek gratin is a decadent recipe to bid farewell to the cold weather. Leeks are also delicious stir fried in Szechuan recipes.

            1. I like them steamed whole, or halved lengths wise if large, and with a mustardy vinaigrette poured on while still warm. Then chill, or not.

              My Mom serves leeks sliced in a bechamel.

              1. Nice problem! :-)

                In addition to the great suggestions above, I also like grililng them (sliced in half if larger, whole if small) simply with olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice and salt.

                  1. You could also slice and freeze to make soup later. They aren't crispy after freezing, but are good for "melting" (I love melted leeks on all kinds of things, chicken, pasta, fish...)

                    1. Cut them across the stalk (i.e. the short way). Gently saute them with some olive oil and a some salt. Cook them until they're well done. At this point, they will have lost most of their volume. It goes very well with other stir-fry or sauteed dishes.

                      1. Have a grill? Perhaps charcoal?

                        Look up the Catalan spring specialty: calcots... and collect the ingredients to make romesco sauce.

                        You should do a youtube search for "calcotada" (the party for charring the leeks).

                        Invite a bunch of friends over, have wine ready!

                        1. For the small ones .......trim and then cut in half lengthways. Line up in baking dish. Slosh on some olive oil, so it works its way into the layers a bit. Sprinkle with Parmesan, Pecorino or whatever. Bake for 15 -20 minutes till cooked through. Great starter with some crusty bread.

                          Thinly sliced, we also stir them into grated root vegetables and steam for a few minutes . Nice , easy accompaniment to something more fancy by way of protein. Leftovers (fried for a little while to dry them out) form the basis of a good frittata.

                          Chicken and leek pie is traditional classic - http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/32...

                          And lots more recipes from our growers' association - http://www.british-leeks.co.uk/recipe...

                          1. Chicken and leek shepherd's pie: saute leeks, onion, and garlic until nicely browned and well on their way to melted. I usually toss in some dry sherry and/or a little stock (or Better than Bouillon and a little water) at the beginning and let it cook down, so that you aren't in danger of burning throughout the whole time, but just at the end for browning. Add chunked raw chicken (thighs are tastiest) and cook through, also sliced mushrooms if you want. You want a thick stew consistency when it's done. While that's going on, boil and mash some potatoes. Put the stew in a casserole dish and top with the mashed potatoes, bake until heated through and bubbly, broiling as needed for color on the potatoes.

                            1. Caramelized leek flatbread
                              There are a bunch of sausage and leek pasta dishes online.

                              1. Ignore the recipes that say "white and light green parts only". You can eat the darker green parts, too - they just take a bit longer to cook.

                                1. Leeks vinaigrette is classic. I also love Waterzooi de Poulet (a Belgian chicken stew thickened with egg yolks and cooked in a base of leeks and carrots).

                                  1. Flamiche (Leeks in Pastry)
                                    Ejjeh b'Kerrateh (Leek and Egg Fritters) which has Egg, Leek, Allspice and Cinnamon
                                    "Savory Egg Pudding" from Chow.com
                                    Sweated Leeks with Hollandaise

                                    1. Aushak: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/358934

                                      I make a delicious leek and sweet potato hash. I also love them simply sauteed in butter until practically melted, or stirfried into any asian dish. They are great in gratins and casseroles too - layer sauteed leeks with potatoes in a gratin, or with butternut squash.

                                      1. This is one of the best recipes ever... seriously... you can make the full recipe or just make the braised leek portion:


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                                          LOVE leeks. I second the leek bread pudding...try with a combo of sauteed onions, leeks & fennel. Braised in chicken stock, creamed with just a bit of nutmeg added in at the end. I used to make a version of spanikopita with leeks instead of spinach, braised and mixed with a bit of bechamel before layering with the filo and cheeses. I need to make that again, it was a fantastic side dish with broiled fish or chicken.

                                        2. Thinly sliced, sauteed with garlic, then mixed with cream and chives and served with roast chicken.