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May 1, 2012 07:26 AM


any suggestions? staying at the Metropole hotel.

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  1. The Thai food at the Metropole is actually not too bad - better than the Thai restaurant about 500 meters from the hotel! For Indian, Khana Kazana - a 5 min walk up Acacia Street from Metropole is a great treat. For lunch, hit up Rocks and Roses by the Surgery on Acacia. The food court at Garden City Mall offers a few more budget-friendy options. For me, the ultimate splurge in Kampala is dinner or drinks at the Emin Pasha hotel - it's in Nakesero so you'd have to take a quick taxi ride, but it's really a lovely spot. Have fun - Kampala is wonderful!

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      thanks, we had the thai food at metropole the night we arrived and were surprised how good it was. we ordered spicy and it was spicy! next night we tried Casablanca. the food took forever! we ordered ethiopian food (or abyssinian) and it was good. We also had a paper dosa at garden city food court and it was ok. then today we had a mediocre/bad lunch at Javas (dont know why any of us though food at a petrol station would be good). 1000 cups of coffee has good coffee, no wifi though.

      will definitely try your suggestions - thank you so much. I am loving the wild and crazy Kampala.

    2. Try out the Lawns for some nice grilled meats and game, try the kudu poppers if you like a bit of heat

      I love the Mediterraneo, great bread and their tagliata with fresh rucola is delicious.

      There is one fine dining place although I feel its very overpriced for what you get - The pearl of Africa at the Serena, however the desserts at the coffee shop at the Serena are great

      I agree with Emin Pasha - I stay there on occassion and they serve a great a la carte breakfast

      1. Emin Pasha is nice, but the absolute highlight so far has been the pork joints. WOW. love love love pork cooked over fired w avocado and diced red onion+tomato. lots of local people eating at the pork joints and drinking beer. this page has a decent list:
        we tried deep blue, and the cave like places across from deep blue, we also tried Rise&Shine and Rhino in Makindye. At Rhinoe we also had pig ears and deep fried pork ribs. but the sticks of pork are the best.

        Also on the way to Jinja there is some great goat on a stick and also checken on a stick. so far any food on sticks has been pretty good.