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May 1, 2012 07:02 AM

Speeds to become Super Dog

According to his Twitter feed, Boston Speeds is renaming to Boston Super Dog. Really not liking the name change.

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  1. Yeah, not a fan. Hope he rethinks this.

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    1. re: mats77

      I vaguely remember the scuttlebutt being that his deal w/ Speed came with an agreement that he'd leave things alone. I wonder if this is a way to give him more freedom?

      1. re: jgg13

        True. It would suck if he had to change the name for legal reasons. But I wish that he could of come up something better.

      2. re: mats77

        Agree. It loses so much of the great buzz that Speed's has developed locally and nationally. Dumb business decision IMO but it's not my wiener wagon.

      3. I saw this on Facebook earlier today, and my first reaction was "huh?"

        1. All the old-timers are just gonna keep calling it Speed's anyway, so who cares what the "official" name is?

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          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            My first thought was possible Super Dawg confusion, since they are pretty famous.

            1. re: rknrll

              I'm going to start up a hot dog cart and call it Nathan Pink's Famous Super Duper Weenie Gold Coast Dawg.

            2. re: Jenny Ondioline

              Exactly. I'm more concerned about the expanded menu and the dogs not being the focus. I just hope that quality doesn't decline and that the wait doesn't increase too much. Deep fried pickles sound good though.

              I can see the name being an issue for us on Chowhound. Confusion for new posters and with searching.

              1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                One reason to avoid a name change is to make it less easy for people to hang a quality judgement off it, e.g. "it was better when it was Speed's". I know that the guy running it now is not the original guy, but the fact that no-one seems to say it used to be better before may just be because the name didn't change.

                1. re: chickendhansak

                  Oh, plenty of people say it hasn't been the same since Speed retired.

                  For all I know, it could be that the agreement with Speed was that the name *had* to change after a certain number of years: that's not an unheard-of restriction.

                  1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                    I'm sure you're right, though I hadn't noticed it. The enthusiasm for the hot dog seems high enough still, perhaps to drown it out a bit. I agree with you about the possibility of the restriction.

                1. That ain't right, and down right wrong. And I'm not even a huge fan of Speed's but I was a fan of the man.

                  I'm not a fan of the ads making it take 4 times to hit the reply button before I get a reply window rather then opening up and advertisement.