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May 1, 2012 06:53 AM

Favorite Puglia Vineyards

I'm going to Puglia from Bari on south, and I'm looking for good vineyards to visit. Are there any favorites?

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  1. Here is a list of selected wineries to get you started; do you want to taste and buy, or just visit the vineyards?

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    1. re: erica

      Probably both, would love to taste and maybe even tour.

      1. re: cs53

        The list Erica linked is a fine one, and thanks for it, but really just a small sampling. Not listed, one of the oldest, largest producers--Leone de Castris in Salice Salentino--has a very well developed tour program.

        1. re: bob96

          Yes, list above too limited; here is a bit more on the wines in general:

          Here is the local cantina for the locally famous (white) wines of Locorotondo; this is located just outside the town of Locorotondo, so will be easy to put on your list if you want to taste, since the gorgeous town of Locorotondo is on every sightseeing itinerary.

          I believe that the three main zones for wine in Puglia are the Salento towns of Manduria and Salice Salentino, and the Castel del Monte area, near Andria, further to the northwest.

          There are others as well, about 25 in total, and you can see their locations and descriptions of the wine on this list of Pugliese DOCs and DOCG wines; the map is handy.

          Do not neglect the delicious dessert wines of the Moscato di Trani DOC, a personal favorite!

      2. re: erica

        We are 2 couples tourists wine lovers. We will stay in POLIGANO A MARE.
        We wish to visit a winery to taste and buy wine on 22 July 2015 at about 11:00 AM
        Want to know when the winery tour takes place.
        We also want to know whether there is a prepay for the tasting.
        Is this email enough to register?

        Best Regards

        Dr. Nachum Frenkel

        1. re: nachumf

          Hi. I have passed your email to Paola of Sapori del Salento. She will contact you regarding possible wine tours.

          Ciao, Debbie

          1. re: nachumf

            I hope you report back here on your tour, if you take it.
            We love to hear on this forum how it and your trip to Puglia went!

            1. re: nachumf

              You may want to contact Silvestro Silvestori owner of the "Awaiting Table" cooking school in Lecce. He has access to several wineries that are small producers and eager to receive wine knowledgeable tourists, email him and look on his website for his reports on same.
              Silvestro is an excellent source for all things Pugliese!!

     also on facebook, (great photos)

          2. To get the real deal you should try a wine tour ...... we went on this one and it was a great day and we bought some fantastic wine

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              More about the wineries you visited and the names of the particular wines you preferred?