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May 1, 2012 06:52 AM

Still no decent coffeehouse in Kennett Square, PA

I've long tired of the bad attitude and worse coffee provided at the tiny Starbucks near Kennett Square. But the lack of a decent alternative has meant simply not having coffee in public most of the time, unless I'm away from home, and this is a drag. When is someone in Kennett Square going to show some initiative and start a decent coffeehouse? It is not difficult. I don't care if it has plastic chairs or hand-me-down couches, so long as it has decent coffee and parking. Maybe the former Blockbuster Video site could be used.

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  1. I suspect that the outrageous rents being charged by landlords make the business unviable... You could always hope for a Dunkin Donuts to compete with the starbucks and the wawa.

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      Our landlords in this region are oddly anti-business. They'd rather have a storefront be empty for a year than lower the rent to something people can pay. Perhaps I should say they're anti-small-business, because they're all hoping for a big payout when a national chain comes knocking. They're starstruck by big brand names, to their own detriment.

      We do have a Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunately their coffee is beyond horrible because the workers (who are always Indian around here) have no idea how to prepare it and it's low-grade beans anyway (maybe they don't store it properly either). On top of that, whereas Dunkin Donuts in other places has Wifi, the ones around here do not.

    2. My go-to spot for coffee is Talula's Table, right in Kennett. Great coffee, great pastries and other goodies to go along with it. If you're looking for a coffee place in Kennett, I'm wondering what's kept you from TT.

      By the way, there used to be a coffee place in Kennett that I enjoyed a lot. It was Harrington's, and it was right on State St (where Sunrise cafe now sits) and then they moved to Broad St. My guess is that they just couldn't produce the volume of business required to remain profitable. I miss Harrington's.

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        Talula's? Yikes! I went there 3 times. Never again! Talula's seems to be run by antisocial women with no customer service experience. Either that, or they think they're an extension of the country club and are just snobs. If indeed their problem is snobbery, it is absolutely unjustified: The espresso drinks taste horrible, and are flat-out incompetently made. And the space is so damn small who would want to spend more than 5 minutes in there? It's like a bad experiment that needs to be canceled.

        I heard of Harrington's and everyone said the problem was parking. Then some people re-opened the site and it was run by an unfriendly woman and her smiling husband. I went to the new place and it was like an echo chamber with decor meant for old women. Their coffee was terrible and parking remained a problem. It's now closed of course.

      2. Not in Kennett but there is a nice little coffee shop a little south on 1 in Oxford called Morning Glories. Wide variety of coffees and friendly service.

        1. So if Kennett is such a crummy little place, why are you looking for a coffee house there? Just wondering???

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            Perhaps because he lives there............

          2. Sweet Christines on State Street has good coffee. It's gluten free but a nice little joint and very nice people who work there. Their little donuts are awesome.