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May 1, 2012 05:20 AM

Vegan lunch in soho?

Looking for a lunch suggestion in soho. Does not need to be a vegan restaurant, but, we have a dining companion that is vegan, so looking for somewhere that can deliver.

Budget $25 per person food cost only(not including tip, tax, drinks)



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  1. Spring Street Natural or Souen. I haven't been to either in many years (and I'm not a big fan of Souen), but they are definitely vegan-friendly and in Soho.

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      Spring Street Natural is a great choice. The menu is extensive enough that vegans and non-vegans alike can find something without compromising. In my experiences there, they've been very accomodating about tweaking dishes to meet dietary needs.

    2. +2 on Spring Street Natural. Also, it's more casual (seating is mostly at counters and there's no wait service) but many of the dosas at Hampton Chutney are vegan or can be easily modified. (You might want to call ahead to check, but I'm fairly certain they use oil and not ghee.)