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May 1, 2012 05:14 AM

Tilted Kilt

We recently had a new Tilted Kilt open up close by and found out that it was a chain. Upon looking at the web site, it seems like an Irish Hooters. Has anyone ever been in one of these? If so, what is the food like?

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  1. HA! One opened up near us recently, and I had the same impression from the website...well Scotish Hooters. Boring ordinary menu, too, it appears. We won't be bothering...

    1. There is one down the street from me.

      They have generally very attractive servers wearing clothes much skimpier than Hooters. And they have a good number of big screen TVs as well as a fairly decent beer selection. The menu, however, is boring and consists of regular, old bar food, some of it OK, most of it subpar.

      It's a decent place to grab some drinks after sporting events since it is close to a couple stadiums here. And I guess it is an OK place to hang out and watch a game, but even for that I generally go to a sports bar that is directly across a pedestrian walkway from Tilted Kilt. I'm in Tilted Kilt's prime demographic, but the other sports bar, although not featuring scantily-clad or even attractive servers, has much better food and a more impressive local beer selection.

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        Thanks for the description. I saw one recently that looks close to opening in my town and wasn't familiar with them. You just saved me a few dollars!

      2. they opened one up near us, after perusing the website, I decided the food was standard pub food, not interesting enough for me. I also have no desire to see scantily clad women.

        1. I guess their thing is 42 beers on draft, 42 TV's and 42 waitstaffers in kilts. Oh well....looks like Hooters in a different costume. I'd look for a local place with good food and a good craft beer selection and skip the chains.

          1. Wow, just checked out their site, replacing the L of their name with another T, would be more descriptive.

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                Wow, just checked out their site, replacing the L of their name with another T, would be more descriptive.

                Tilted Kitt? What's a Kitt? Are we talking Knight Rider here?