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May 1, 2012 04:57 AM

Fried Mortadella Sandwich [moved from General Topics]

As a child, the only way I liked to eat bologna was when Mom browned it in the frying pan and made sandwiches from that - kinda like pork roll. A little Gulden's mustard on toasted white bread, it was basically a flat hot dog to my developing palate.

Recently, I thought it might be fun to make an adult version. Slightly thick slices of mortadella browned on both sides, placed on a crusty baguette with a coarse ground mustard and some lettuce. Wonderfully tasty indeed. I'm think next time a little cheese might be a welcome addition, perhaps some sharp provolone? A nice slice of a good, ripe tomato?

Anyone ever try something like this? Another good one is to do the same thing with salami, though in that case Swiss cheese is my preference and mayo is a fine condiment.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Both of these are great ideas. We do this all the time. Be sure to grill the bread in the rendered fat.

      1. Fried salami is a delightful thing, as long as you get a really good one that's not too salty - one problem I have with a lot of delis' salami and eggs is how ungodly salty the salami is.

        I've got an Italian deli around the corner that sells the finest mortadella I've ever melted onto my tongue. Only thing is the old Sicilian cuts it almost transparently thin, and I'm afraid he'd holler at me if I asked for thick and told him I was going to fry it! But a good chub bologna, especially one that's good and garlicky unlike the sissy-wimp OM stuff, is great fried. There are several diners in Nashville that offer fried bologna as one of the breakfast meats, and that with potatoes and eggs is really good. So I'd think a good crusty-roll sandwich would be quite a treat.

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          Noshville for one.

          I've got some mortadella at home from the 12 South farmer's market, West Wind farms, organic and grass-fed all the way. It's more of a chunky one, not ground to a paste inside the tube as others I've had. Going to head home in a little while and fry up my last 3 slices with some local gruyere and multigrain bread....

          Where's your deli? You talkin' 'bout Corrieri's?

          1. re: woofitdown

            I've been relocated for quite some time, out to SoCal. Fly back to NashVegas for a week or so every October to kiss my grandbaby and hang with old buds. So that deli I'm talking about is in Pasadena, CA, although I'll be delighted to know of one in the old burg.

            1. re: Will Owen

              Well, that's extra small-worldy!

              Mom went to Pasadena Playhouse College of Theater Arts a few decades ago (same year that Jamie Farr was there; they were best buddies), and still goes to some of their reunions. I was there for one 20 yrs ago and saw Charlie Sheen in an excellent production.

              Corrieri's Formaggeria is behind MafiaoZa's on 12 south, and I've had some good Italian mortadella (and many other wonderful meats and cheeses) from there. Not the kind of selection that you'd find in NYC, or even SoCal, I'd think, but some of the best quality in town from the import standpoint. Of course the wares presented by local farms at (i.e.) 12 south farmers' market, from 3:30 to 6:30 on Tuesdays in Sevier Park, are among the finest quality meats you can find on this planet.

              Enjoy your grandkiddies and those good old buds!...

              1. re: woofitdown

                Cool about Sevier park! That's pretty much our old neighborhood, and very close to the place we stay (with friends on Caldwell Lane). We will be around on one Tuesday, too.

                There used to be a gas station out near McCabe's, run by some Russian guys, that had a small-scale Russian/Baltic deli in the front of the building. They had a Finnish cheese I was crazy about, and those tins of smoked sprats. I wonder if it's the same gang running Aleksey's?

                1. re: Will Owen

                  I've heard about that gas station for years but never been there. I should try it!

                  I bought my used Mac Pro from a guy at Caldwell and 12th who was moving to Cali....

              2. re: Will Owen

                p.s. Also want to put in a word for Aleksey's, a Ukrainian/Russian market right across from the exit (at the light) from 100 Oaks. They have about 40 different Eastern European sausages, veal rolls, cheeses, and smoked fish, some of which you may not be able to find within a thousand miles' radius. All available for deli slicing except maybe some of the smoked fish you'd have to buy whole....

          2. usually when i bbq,

            (whole bone in butt, smoke@225 to internal 175, on rack into roasting pan beer/cider in pan into 250 degree oven, pull out @195, whole butt into paper bag, seal, 1-2 hours)

            i also throw a 2-3 lb block (ask for it in one piece) of dietz & watson baloney or an entire stick of top end baloney into the smoker for a few hours. soaks up smoke like a sponge. slice it up, serve it on cheap white bread with cole slaw and hot sauce.


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              I've been to some Texas-style barbecue joints that had both bologna and the kielbasa-type sausage on the menu, and it was pretty good with coleslaw and potato salad. The stick bologna is really popular in Tennessee; lots of little local stores, you'll see some old boy come up to the meat counter and ask for 'lonies and crackers or 'lonies and cheese.

            2. You are largely describing the "lanche de mortadela quente" sandwich popular in São Paulo (quente is the hot version, as its eaten all over Brazil, but largely cold). Mozzarella is the cheese used, although you might occasionally run into "queijo minas padrao." I also like making it in a "misteiro" a pressed sandwich maker, where mostly the bread tosts, but the edges of the mortadella often get a browning.