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May 1, 2012 02:35 AM

Auckland in May: Breakfast, Picnic & Chai Latte

I will soon be in Auckland, sans my own transportation for a day or two (likely non-consecutive). Since I arrive early on a Sunday, I would love to find a good casual breakfast spot... Little and Friday has caught my eye, but I will require some savory and protein!

Later on in the day, I hope to find either restaurant item or location of a good market where I can stock for a picnic meal. Something simple, as I will be traveling by kayak. Perhaps even some kind of meat pie? Something uniquely New Zealand?

And as always, I am on the lookout for any handmade chai latte... I can always dip into an Indian restaurant to get a cup to go, but would love to find a quiet little coffee/tea house that brews their own.

I'm not sure what areas of town I will be covering yet. Food could influence that!

Thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. Hi, try Dida's on .Victoria St. west. It also has a delicatessen from which to stock up. It is 100 meters from a French bakery, Paneton, across from Victoria Park and adjacent to the newly renovated Victoria Park Market. I have not yet visited the VPM's new self, but it may have what you are looking for. All of the above is on the inexpensive Auckland bus circuit route (bus which circles the center city in both directions).Ask anyone when you get off the bos from the airport in downtown Auckland.

    1. Check our Imperial Lane in the city between Queen St and Fort St, awesome cafe! Kohu Road Creamy in New Lynn is amazing too and you can get the bus out there. The North Shore has great cafe's especially Hinemoa St in Birkenhead and Takapuna has some great ones too.