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May 1, 2012 12:22 AM

Michael Mina San Francisco

Anybody been there?

I know it's expensive...which is OK. But heard it's noisy.
Dont mind opening my wallet. But I wantto hear the conversation at the table.

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  1. I did not find it particularly noisy, but I was there on a weekday night. I thought it was fabulous and one of my top meals in the past two years.

    1. Michael Mina is awesome to talk to. I met him once while were in lecture in culinary school. His prices are $$$ but it's worth it. Maybe he will be in that day, my hospitality professor drinks with him sometimes. I would go on a weekday night so the noise level is reduced.

      1. I don't remember it being particularly noisy.

        Unfortunately I don't remember it being particularly memorable, either. Very well executed, but I left my dinner having no real strong feelings (positive or negative) about the food. I'd hoped for a more compelling experience, given the price.

        On the other hand, I went to RN74 shortly after it opened and thought it was fantastic.

        1. I ate there recently. It didn't seem particularly expensive for this kind of cuisine. It didn't seem particularly noisy.

          I was impressed. The dishes were imaginative and had a high level of refinement. Two of the dishes I ordered were designed after cocktails--both a savory dish and a dessert dish. Although I initially thought this was gimmicky, both dishes were very good.

          Of the four MIchelin-starred restaurants in SF I have eaten at in over the past two months, I would rank them like this:

          Michael Mina

          One Market