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Apr 30, 2012 10:49 PM

lunch spots in parkdale?

I am working at Queen and Dufferin now. What are some good weekday lunch spots within 15 min or so walking distance? All price ranges and types of food welcome (as long as they have vegetarian options).

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  1. Lots of veggie options at Poor John's, just west of Sorauren on Queen West. Really enjoy their food.

    1. I like Easy Restaurant's Huevos Divorciados, which might work if you're a lacto-ovo vegetarian . I think they have a few other veg options that are egg-free. The Drake also serves some veg options at lunch.

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      1. re: prima

        Easy & Poor Johns are probably a little far for from Dufferin.

        There is Stampede Burger (I think they have a Veggie Burger), The Mascot, The Drake, Ravi Soup and a bunch near east side of Dufferin

      2. had lunch at bacchus roti today which, as always, is very good. M&B yummy is across the street which i would like to visit for lunch again sometime. ali's roti is good. these are about the only places i have tried.

        i noticed a hanoi restaurant as well.. anyone ever try it?

        thanks to those with suggestions so far.. keep 'em coming!

        1. I visited Easy Rider Restaurant last week and it was good. I had the all day breakfast special but there were many items on the menu that I would love to try next time. However it is a small place and you may have to wait to be seated. It is at Queen and Roncesvalles.

          Ali's Roti shop - 1446 Queen St W.
          It has been around for ages and is one of the first and best Caribbean (Trinidadian) restaurants. You can find delicious "roti" (flat bread wrapped like a big sandwich) with your choice of curried meats or vegetables fillings. Try "doubles" which is chickpeas curry snack served between two soft fried breads or potato pie... both vegetarian favorites. There is also many rice dishes with your choices of sides.

          Very good food, quick and reasonable ... I usually make the trip from the west end whenever I get the cravings or have guests in town. Cheers!

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          1. re: RN2011

            Aloo pie with mango chutney is a good veg option at Ali's as well.

            I also love the pumpkin. It is my fav roti place in the the city.

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              Jenna, how does it compare/have you ever been to Kori's Roti shop in Oakville?

              Best roti in the GTA for me, haven't found anything comparable in the city, as yet.

              1. re: justxpete

                Pete Oakville might as well be Berlin to me. I don't really make the trek out that way so I'm comparing to places in the city.

                1. re: JennaBean

                  lol. Well worth the trip, though.. the Roti at Kori's is ridiculous. Sometimes I drive all the way out there just for that stupid Roti. It's at 3rd line and QEW. If you're a roti fan, you really need to go there one day! It's so much better than anything I've found in the city. It's been really disappointing.

          2. at the edge of the 15 min mark, I vote for Tien Thanh's pho at Queen & Ossington.

            Another option for roti besides Ali's is Island Foods at King & Dufferin. Then again, roti is some heavy ass shit, not really a good thing to eat too often. Oh so tasty though....

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            1. re: aser

              king and duff island makes a mean roti. bacchus is definitely my favourite in the city though, i haven't been out in a minute... and it's past my lunch time...

              cinnamon girls (i know it was closed for reno, not sure if it's opened back up) is another good option in that hood. a slice at massimo's was a go-to when i worked out there, but i've been back to that location recently and it's definitely declined in quality. m&b yummy ethiopian is dope and there's a pho spot on that same stretch that makes a pretty mean bowl. stampede has the best poutine in town, there's that place belly (i think that's what it's called, with the green sign) a little further west on the north side of queen, that chinese place that i forget the name of around there too... and don't forget HOT N DOG

              1. re: disgusti

                yes, stampede has amazing poutine (and the gravy is vegetarian)! reasonably priced too at about $5, not like poutini's down the street...