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Apr 30, 2012 07:56 PM

cozy wine bar in downtown Baltimore?

Anything there with enough quiet to talk and good wine?

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  1. How about Vino Rosina? In the Harbor East side of downtown.

    1. Sotto Sopra on Charles street can be a little busy at times, but it's very subdued and has a great wine list. B&O is mostly cocktails, but they won't disappoint for vino. Cinghalle (sp?) in Harbor East is pretty fancy, but is also fine for a nice glass of wine. Just some suggestions.

      1. Wine market cafe in locust point is excellent. You can get wine at market price with $9 corkage which ends up saving a lot of money for good wine. Food is awesome. Happy hour specials are excellent. Highly recommend it!

        1. Would second both Vino Rosina and Wine Market. Both are attractive venues with good food and wine selection