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Apr 30, 2012 06:36 PM

Huntersville, NC / nice dining with kids? Is this possible?

Hey all! I was thinking of organizing a Saturday lunch or brunch for 7-ish of my Charlotte-area friends (most of whom are moms with 2 kids) at a place near Huntersville where we could either eat first (probably including their children) and then go to the Raptor Center in Huntersville or possibly vice versa.

I don't have children so I haven't ever tried to look for a restaurant that accommodates kids, but as a diner, I would appreciate it if the children were in a separate area of the restaurant or at least at a time where it wasn't crowded and there aren't unruly/messy/loud children at the table next to me. In my experience, when several kids get together, it is general mayhem so I don't want to disturb there diners that are there sans-kids.

For me, I'd prefer no chains, but I wonder what options are available to accommodate these parameters. I'm thinking that I'd like to do brunch/early lunch first and then go to the Raptor Center so we don't have to be in a rush to get back in time for reservations at some point-certain.

Thank you all!

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  1. I can't think of any restaurants that have separate areas for kids.

    Right near the Raptor Center is an outpost of Lancaster's BBQ, not exactly "nice dining" but accomodating for kids.

    Otherwise, you could try any number of the restaurants in Birkdale Village. They all seem to handle crowds of kids quite nicely. Some suggestions are eeZ for Asian/fusian, Big Daddy's Burger Bar, or Red Rocks. A list of Birkdale restaurants is here:

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      Ohh - that all looks fab! Thank you!

    2. This could work out:

      It is an old house in downtown Huntersville. I am in Raleigh and was referred here by this board years ago for an AAU trip. I loved it. And it didn't break the bank.

      It is an old house so may be they could put you in one of the rooms by yourselves.

      It is called Moma Mia two

      (repost- I just looked at their website and it does not do this place justice. It is truely white cloth dining at it's finest)

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        I remember seeing Moma Mia II on another post and I definitely want to go there on my next trip towards Lake Norman. Thanks for the reminder!

      2. If you're looking for brunch/lunch... I'd recommend Toast in Davidson. If it's a nice day they could seat you on the patio. They are SUPER kid friendly and the food for brunch and lunch is amazing.

        Other options:
        Red Rocks in Birkdale has a private room.
        Brixx (also in Birkdale) has a nice patio that is usually filled with kids... The back corner of their restaurant (towards the Jewel Box) could also give you some more "privacy" although it isn't a separate room.
        Mickey's on Old Statesville Rd has a private room. I usually don't see kids in there...but...I'm sure they would be accommodating. I would ask in advance for them to prepare a small "kids menu". Grilled cheese and mac & cheese usually will satisfy 98% of kids...and shouldn't put the kitchen in any kind of a tail spin :)

        I'd call ahead (of course) for any of these options...but all of these restaurants are very good and should take care of the kids just fine :)

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          Fabulous! Thank you so very much!