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Apr 30, 2012 06:18 PM

Foods for strep?....Help! [moved from Moutain States board]

Anyone know of any food that are good for people with strep? My Husband has it and I want to make him some food that you don't have to chew and is soft on the throat. Any suggestions?

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  1. I love the almost silky mouth-feel of the liquid from cooking barley. I think that would feel good to a sore throat, or as good as anything will feel. That or potato soup. Hope he feels better soon!

    1. Hot Throat Coat Tea. As hot as he can stand -to kill germs in his throat. And the slippery elm in the tea will make his throat feel better.

      1. Gargling with warm salt water, and antibiotics (I find those are the best for getting rid of the germs). I always like a flavorful chicken broth.

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          All of the above and I'd buy him a big box of popsicles :). Strep in an adult isn't very fun...your whole body aches and it can really cause some nausea. A soft diet (toast, jello, custard, chicken broth or soup) is really a good idea for a few days.

        2. hot chicken soup. a freshly made silky-smooth risotto. and there's always ice cream!