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Apr 30, 2012 06:15 PM

seeking sunday brunch recommendations may 27th.Anyone recommend talulah's garden? Any others?

looking for a sunday brunch or lunch place that chowhounds recommend.Does kanella or estia do sunday brunch?Philly mag suggests talulah's garden.Any suggestions and what would you order?Thank you in advance.Any type of food is eleigible.

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  1. Kanella does brunch (on their menu it's "breakfast/lunch") Thursday through Sunday, it's a great restaurant and breakfast/lunch there is every bit as good as dinner. I hesitate to recommend a specific dish because Kanella is one of those places where pretty much everything on the menu is good, but if you twisted my arm I'd recommend the shaksouka. It's not like I've had everything on the breakfast/lunch menu though, so if a particular dish appeals to you, get it. I've never been to brunch at Estia or Talulah's Garden.

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      +1 on kanella. i personally love the kedgeree (spiced rice mixed with house smoked fish
      and boiled eggs served with yogurt) bc it's so different and delicious, but as buckethead said, pretty much anything you get will be good. i thought the puff pastry bread served with the malohwa is a bit too greasy and heavy, but thats my only complaint

      never been to estia or talulah's garden

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        +2 on kanella..

        One other place that just started serving Sunday brunch is Matyson. Might be worth checking out.. The menu is standard but has a twist.. sweet potato waffles, potato latkes, pork rillette with smoked paprika hollaindaise.

        Other place to consider House made english muffins are reason enough to go in my book...

    2. +3 on Kanella...and I recommend that whatever you order, you plan to share...They are very accommodating to that.