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Apr 30, 2012 05:41 PM

Royal Mail Hotel Winter vs Spring menu general question

I have a bit of a random question for anyone who has been to the Royal Mail Hotel. It's probably next on my list of restaurants to travel to. I was hoping to get there this past summer, but the dates that worked for me were always full. Now I'm a bit hesitant to go during winter since the bulk of their menu seems to come from their garden. And as much as I like root vegetables, I imagine there being a lot of dishes with beet root.

Has anyone been for both the winter and spring menus? Did anyone prefer one over the other because of ingredients? If not, what were some impressions of the winter menu.

Does anyone know when spring gardens really start to boom in that part of Vic?

This would probably also apply to Attica. Does anyone have a preference based on the menu selection of winter versus spring?

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  1. I went in winter, I didn't feel the lack of anything. Celeriac, jerusalem artichoke, rhubarb. Didn't feel I missed anything.

    Attica doesn't seem to change much through the year as I seem to have shared the menu with many others who have been