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Apr 30, 2012 05:35 PM

seeing other peoples posts which were made while you were posting to the same thread

I just started noticing this in the last week or so. It seems posts added to a thread when I am responding show up later as if I have read them.

They weren't there when I started posting. They don't show when I just finished posting. I see them later on the thread and they are "closed" as though I have read them.

Also seems as though the site has been a little slower than usual. Other sites I frequent are working fine, so I don't think it is my service provider or computer.

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  1. You have interesting timing. This is a very long-standing issue. However, we have a potential solution to the problem that we'll be releasing shortly. Thank you for your report, and let us know if you see the bug again after today.

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    1. re: Engineering

      Too funny...I think I usually was on site during off hours and hadn't encountered that much other activity. I guess that is one plus for insomnia!

      1. re: Engineering

        Hey, has this been fixed? I was just noticing the other day that it seems to have been fixed! Hooray!