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Apr 30, 2012 05:29 PM

Paonia area- Delta County?


Any suggestions for this area? I'm leaving it open, as I couldn't find any posts on this.

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  1. I've only been there once, but Zack's Bar-B-Q in Hotchkiss was pretty decent. The ribs didn't have enough smoke to suit me, but the brisket, pinto beans, and fries were good. I've heard their ham is also good.

    1. Zac's has great breakfasts,

      1. thanks guys- from all my searching, it looks like fairly slim pickins. I'll be going in a couple of weeks, will report back on my findings for other western slope visitors.

        1. Used to live over there but starved out. Do try Zacks, it is great for what it is. The country boy
          breakfast rocks.

          1. Hi! Following up here.

            We had a great long weekend in Paonia, and loved the valley, and the 2 places we ate.

            We went to Flying Fork cafe for dinner. I had a special, the spinach pasta with sausage, zucchini and cream. Very generous portion (to go box required), and good flavor, although I added some crushed red pepper on the reheat, which (imo) brought it all together. My husband had the salmon special, which was very good. Nicely prepared (read: not over cooked), and delicious, fresh from the garden snap peas as the veg. Service was friendly, if not super efficient, but this didn't bother us in the least. One table on the other side of the room had problems.with.everything, and almost sent our very nice waitress to tears. Dude- it's PAONIA, not NYC. Deal. But *gasp*, they only had one kind of wine glass, and they weren't Reidels. It made us more empathetic for our lovely waitress, as she was charming, and didn't deserve Mr. Type A dressing her down for some petty, first-world problems.

            We went to breakfast at the Fresh and Wyld Bed and Breakfast. We had arranged this in advance, and talk about come-as-you-are, in a good way. Have a seat, fetch your (delicious) coffee, and your breakfast will be brought to you when it's out of the oven. There's one breakfast- okay, 2 if you count leaving off the meat for vegetarians. Let me add here that there's an abundant garden on the property, and chickens. These were the suppliers of our meal.

            Our morning breakfast was 1) salad with the tenderest, light-as air mixed greens, with an appropriately "not too vinegary for breakfast" vinagrette. 2) generous slice of quiche, chockful of veg, it was gently held together with the custardy egg base. Simply delicious. and then 3) a slice of ham, I would identify as a southern country ham (nice and salty), but I'm sure it's local, and I didn't ask.

            The cook/chef was also the waiter, so people were served in waves, when things were ready, but coffee and newspapers were at the ready to assist in time-passing if the wait was long. Nobody complained.

            I do recommend letting Fresh and Wyld know that you are coming, because I think they plan breakfast around the number of guests they have staying there. It was $10/person, which was a flat-out deal for the quality and quantity.

            We didn't go through Hotchkiss, we took the turnoff to Crawford, but maybe next time- thanks for the recommendations.