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Apr 30, 2012 05:21 PM

Santa Fe Eatinerary

I'm headed to Santa Fe with some girlfriends next week and we want to have as many good meals as possible in a few days. I've scoured the boards and here's the eatinerary I came up with. Some of the posts were quite old though, and I'm hoping for a more recent seal of approval or alternative recommendations:

1 solo dinner - Vinagrette
1 breakfast - Pasqual's
1 lunch - Georgia O'Keefe cafe
3 dinners - Santacafe, Geronimo, Tomasita's
2 drinks - Maria's (maragaritas & guac) and Coyote Cafe Cantina

Would appreciate hearing what you think!

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  1. I think you can do a lot better than Santacafe. I don't care for it at all.

    I haven't been to Vinaigrette's but have read comments that weren't very complimentary. Do you have some recent recommendations?

    If you want to have drinks with the local crowd, check out Del Charro's at the Inn of the Governors. It seems to be quite popular with the locals and they have margaritas for a good price and inexpensive but good bar food.

    Take a look at Clafouti's. I like to go there for lunch or pastries. And her macarons (not macaroons) were better than LaDuree's!

    Disclaimer: I haven't been to either place in a while, but I haven't read of anything negative.

    Please post a report. I am going in a month and would love to hear about your experiences.

    1. Looks like a solid itinerary! A few comments:

      *O'Keefe Cafe went out of business, so you'll need an alternative lunch option.

      *While I love the outdoor patio at Santacafe I agree that you can do better from a food perspective. You may want to consider Restaurant Martin, which also has a lovely outdoor space with considerably better food.

      *La Choza or the Shed would both be better choices for a New Mexican dinner than Tomasita's.

      Enjoy your visit!

      1. Vinaigrette is ok for solo dinner. The food is good. No atmosphere. Salads are the main attraction.

        Dinner - The Compound, Restaurant Martin, 315 Bistro.
        Drinks - if you are there on Friday or Saturday night, Hotel Santa Fe has a nice lounge with an amazing native American flute player, Ronald Roybal. at 7 pm.

        1. Thanks for the help! I'm updating the plans accordingly and will report back after the trip.

          1. I would do the solo dinner at Pasqual's community table. The food is great and you'll meet people.
            Breakfast, Tia Sophias, Tecolote or the Pantry all have great NM breakfasts.
            Lunch: tapas at La Boca or the Shibumi, a Japanese Ramanya (noodle house)
            3 dinners: Epazote, 315 Restaurant and Wine Bar, Restaurant Martin or Luminaria at the Inn and Spa at Loretto.
            If you want something more casual and inexpensive for dinner: New Mexican at The Shed or La Choza and the African/Caribbean Jambo Cafe or Rooftop Pizza.
            Drinks, I agree with Coyote Cafe Cantina and definitely have an appetizer with the drinks. Agave the bar at the Eldorado Hotel is a great place for a drink