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Apr 30, 2012 04:56 PM

Looking for good, cheap(ish) eats near Capitol Hill, Denver

I am going to visit my girlfriend in Denver this weekend and would love some advice on where to eat. She is new to the city and--here's the real catch--doesn't have a car, so it would be need to be near the Capitol Hill neighborhood where she lives. We usually enjoy grubby little ethnic places, especially Mexican, Vietnamese, or Middle Eastern, but wouldn't mind somewhere nicer for dinner or brunch. (We are really too snobby to be pleased when it comes to Italian and Spanish.) Thank you!

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  1. Too late for your last trip, but for next time, try pinche tacos on colfax. It is fantastic, cheap, and interesting--and they have brunch too.

    We like Jelly for breakfast. It is solid--not necessarily stellar, but generally good.

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      Thanks! I go back often and will definitely check those out!