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Okay to leave quiche out tonight?

Time for another school luncheon tomorrow. Making a mushroom quiche this evening; needs to be at school by 10:15/10:30 a.m. Have not reheated a whole quiche before; therefore, unsure if crust will be soggy. Also concerned how long it will take to reheat & whether edges will burn (put foil?).

My guess is to refrigerate.

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  1. Bacteria love to grow in custard. Very bad idea to leave it out all night, from a food safety point of view.

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    1. Refrigerate for sure - I'd reheat for maybe 20 minutes at 325 - 350. If it's still cold in the middle, give it a few more minutes.

      1. It's dairy and eggs. Do you really want to be responsible for giving everyone at the luncheon food poisoning?

        One alternative would be to mix everything up tonight, and keep in the fridge. Bake in the morning. Or underbake slightly tonight, then finish off tomorrow morning. No soggy crust.

        1. not even a maybe...put it in the fridge!

          1. If you insist on serving it hot, it should not be soggy-bottomed if you refrigerate it with just a towel over it and reheat it in a conventional oven. Microwave reheating is the worst - not only a soggy crust, but a layer of water between crust and custard. Yuck. That's how every fern bar in Nashville served it back in quiche's heyday, in spite of my fervent pleas that they serve it to me cold. Seriously, I like it best either freshly-cooked, at room temperature, or cold.

            1. Thanks for the quick responses! I will definitely refrigerate & reheat as jeanmarie suggested. Researching here, read that I can brush some egg on crust when pre-baking so that it won't get soggy later??

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                Dang, forgot to mention that - yes! At least (coming in a day late here) I *HOPE* you did!

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                  I did, I did! Quiche seemed to be crisp/crusty the next day...hope the faculty enjoyed it! I appreciated that the mom who was helping at the luncheon put mine out first vs. the store bought ones :)

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                  In this situation, I like to parbake the pie crust with a little egg white wash. It helps to keep the crust from getting too soggy. I've found that using only the white for this purpose works better than a whole egg wash.