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Apr 30, 2012 04:16 PM

Cantonese Party Trays

Hey all,
I'm going to be hosting a lunch for 35 adults and was thinking of going the party tray route from a Chinese restaurant. Does anyone have any recs on a downtown location that will do a good job with party trays? So far I've looked at T&T ($30 for "small", $40 for "large") and Asian Legend ($70 per tray I think?).

And while we're on the topic, does anyone have a good rec in terms of an interesting menu plan?


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  1. It is cliche but always fun ... a dim sum starter/appetizer course.
    - siu mai (pork or a beef if you can find)
    - har gow
    - vegetarian spring rolls
    - bbq pork puff pastries
    --You can get them at T&T but they are definitely meh in terms of quality. However it would save you a trip if you are using T&T and might work for your group depending on their taste buds. An alternative would be buying frozen (we used to buy Ellen's) and steaming your own which would be more economical and up the quality as they would be fresher.
    --An alternative at Asian Legend would be pan fried dumplings and beef rolls and scallion pancakes. They are all pasable as starter or small plate items.

    You could throw together a nice asian slaw or salad (chopped or small leaf greens). This always goes as a nice side to something fried. Recipes abound online for this sort of thing ... we usually just do a maple-miso-sesame vinagrette.

    Will there be table seating or are you envisioning something more casual (sofas, chairs, cafe tables)? You don't really want to be working anything to loose or saucy while holding the plate in one hand.

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      It's casual but there will be seating avail but would try and keep it as clean as possible. I agree that T&T would be sorta meh in quality but i think it'll be okay if it's just average. It would be a shame to get a party tray of really GOOD dim sum and then have it sit and die over the course of an hour. Logistically I think it would be to steam them on our own, but that coud be really fun as a themed party down the road (have a little dim sum cart roll around a party!)

      An asian slaw is a fantastic idea. If i have the time i might steal Susur's slaw and have a station where you can build your own singapore slaw

    2. Are you in Chinatown? House of Gourmet does party trays!

      1. The Congee places (Wong, Queen, Star) do party trays.

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          I would consider the Congee places. Does House of Gourmet have a menu anywhere of their party tray offerings?

          Since I don't speak Cantonese I would need to be able to order stuff and not have anything get lost in translation. Anyone have any experience with the Asian Legend trays? Their pricing seems to be on the very high end