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What foods did you once love but now can’t eat?

When I was a child (once upon a time in a country far, far away), beef tongue was a staple and I loved it. But recently I had the opportunity to eat tongue… and I balked. It seems I’ve developed some (unwanted) sensibilities over the past 3 decades.

What foods did you once love but now can’t abide?

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  1. Not due to preference, but to health issues, I used to be able to polish off a whole jar of pickled pepperoncini peppers in one sitting. Same for anything pickled - okra, spicy "dilly beans", pickled green tomatoes, etc., etc.

    Thanks to a late-breaking acid reflux problem, I just can't handle highly acidic foods like I used to. I can still enjoy one or two pieces at a time, but no bingeing anymore.

    1. Canned water chestnuts.

      I loved them as a child and into my 20's. They hold absolutely no appeal anymore. Same with the baby corn sometimes found in Chinese food.

      1. Green bell peppers, particularly fried. Bizarrely, I can still safely enjoy jalapenos, etc.

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          Exactly the same thing with me, terrible acid stomach and burning belches, can't understand it. Green chiles, chilis of all kinds, no problem.

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            I can tolerate almost anything, but green peppers started giving me bad indigestion (unless I cut out all of the white on the inside of the pepper).

          2. I have trouble with fresh tomatoes, oranges and strawberries. The acid gives me that tingly mouth ulcer feel. I do eat tomatoes, especially in the summer, but I have to watch myself. I also eat strawberries, but I can't pig out on them. I rarely eat oranges any more.

            1. Fresh pineapple. It seems to eat the insides of my cheeks.

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                Fresh Tomatoes-used to be crazy for them but now.....maybe twice a year.

              2. Many beers. Not that I can't drink them it's just a strong preference for other beers. Used to regularly drink Killiam's, Pete's Wicked, and tons of Hefeweizen. The former two I never drink anymore (do they still exist?) and the later rarely. I would also drink lots of Coor's Light, Sapporo, and Asahi. All just bland now.

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                  Ditto on beer. I used to really enjoy trying different types (went to school in Germany so I have some beer experience under my belt) but now, not so much. I will occasionally have one (I live in an area with several good craft breweries) but am "meh" on beer now.

                2. When I first tasted an avocado (in my 20's), I loved the taste and texture. Now..meh. Unless they are in Mexican restaurant chicken soup.

                  1. Shrimp, lobster and scallops. I developed a shellfish allergy in my 20s. Nowadays, when my spouse has lobster for dinner, I love to breathe in the aroma of the steaming lobster, as it is the closest I can get to eating it!

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                      Can't eat black beans anymore, makes my stomach hurt. Other beans don't give me a problem.

                    2. ditto w/me on the green bell peppers. I can (and do) eat red and/or yellow and orange bell peppers, but the green ones produce distinctly unpleasant effects.

                      Not eat, but can't drink. I grew up swallowing gallons of whole milk ~~ that would kill me now. Lactose intolerance has set in.

                      1. Can eat raw fish anymore. So I'm stuck eating those fancy rolls with cooked fish and veggies that everyone mocks.

                        As a kid I could down dozens of crabs. But since my father and brother developed an allergy I have cut back on my consumption. Thankfully I'm not spending as much time on the Eastern Shore so its not a real issue.

                        I loved escargot as a kid but now I think "yuck snails" and avoid them.

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                          I can still eat escargot... hopefully they won't be like the tongue or I'll start thinking "yuck snails" too!

                        2. Sardines...used to love them as a kid. Now..I look at them and wonder how I ever could have like them.