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Apr 30, 2012 03:59 PM

Bar Americain?

Anyone been? Thoughts?

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  1. Relatively expensive for what you get (location + Bobby Flay) but food and service is very well executed. Won't blow your mind in any direction. Good for a business lunch. Great, bright room with well-spaced tables.

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    1. re: Sugar

      Agree completely with Everything Sugar says

    2. I've been there for business lunches otherwise wouldn't go out of my way or pay for a meal there.

      1. The one time we were there we liked it very much. We sat at the bar and had the trio of seafood cocktails and a few other dishes. All were very good. The only reason we haven't been back is location; we're more downtown types.

        1. Bar Americain is a good choice if you're with non-adventurous diners. The menu is pretty good and very accessible.

          1. Brunch today with 10 foodie friends
            was filled with way too many disappointments:
            •French fries and main dishes were cold.
            •Service extremely slow and uneven.
            All dishes did not come out at the same time. My eggs hollandaise were cold and when I sent them back, I didn't get another dish until everyone else was finished eating. Then, to make matters worse, it was tooo salty to be edible.

            The beignets with assorted jams were warm and delicious, but not enough to bring me back for a second time.

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            1. re: MiFamilia

              Too bad you missed this discussion before deciding to go there..

              1. re: Ttrockwood

                The choice was not ours.
                We were invited for brunch.
                I had read some reviews beforehand, which were very mixed, mostly negative.
                My experience was worse than anything I had read.
                Certainly not a place where locals frequent.