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Apr 30, 2012 03:47 PM

Lunch near TD Garden-this Friday

Looking for a decent lunch spot in the vicinity of TD Garden for this Friday. My only restriction is no Italian food as we have a reservation in the North End for Friday evening..
Any suggestions?

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  1. Porter's and Kinsale are worth a look.

    1. Original Regina's. You can have pizza for lunch and Italian for dinner. I checked, it's ok.

      1. There are lots of sports bar/Irish bar type places around TD Garden. You aren't going to find anything that knocks your socks off, just your standard pub fare. The Fours is Ok.

        1. If it's just good, solid grub you're after (as opposed to an upscale, sit down luncheon), I'd suggest going the extra block or two to Center Plaza (Zo's/Greek, Latino's Cafe/Puerto Rican) or State St. (Sultan's Kitchen/Turkish) if you have the time. The North Station area isn't much of a dining destination. While technically, I suppose, Italian, perhaps Scampo (in the Liberty Hotel) might be a consideration if you did indeed prefer more of a dignified affair. If they serve lunch, Neptune Oyster isn't far either (for another sit-down choice).

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            Neptune Oyster opens at 11:30, does not take reservations, but getting there on the early side should help a lot. Lots better than the Fours....the North End is just a couple of blocks away.

          2. Grotto is not that far from there (I work in the area, and have taken a lunch there once or twice), and sets a nice plate of food. The Fours is solid pub food, but I have had some bad seafood experiences with them, so I would avoid that, but their sandwiches are pretty good.

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                That's true I suppose....I usually get the burger there for lunch, and there is nothing overtly italian about it, so I wasn't really thinking on that, but you are correct, it's alot of pastas and the like.....oh well....I tried!