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Apr 30, 2012 03:45 PM

Freezing tortillas

I am single and like the occasional mexican dish.The tortillas go stale quickly. Is it possible to freeze flour tortillas sucessfully since I use only a couple at a time?

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  1. You might want to place plastic or waxed paper in between them so you can remove them easily. Yes, they freeze.

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    1. Also, you may need a "tortilla protection system". We've found they tend to break easily if knocked around in the freezer. So we layer the tortillas between sheets of waxed paper, then put them back in their bag, and then put the bag in a rigid plastic container or box. They keep very well that way, and you can remove as many or as few as you want each time.

      1. I buy Costco size packs of white flour tortillas and freeze the bundles of 12. Defrosted and stored at room temperature (not stored in the fridge) they are still great. If they do get stale, toast them on a dry fry pan or in a oven for a few minutes. Broken up they may great crackers and I use them with hummus.

        1. I saw chef Rick Bayless make homemade flour tortillas the other day on TV. I copied down the recipe and it is really easy:

          Makes One Dozen, 7-inch, flour tortillas

          3/4 cup cold tap Water
          1 tsp Table Salt
          2 3/4 cups (3/4 lb) All Purpose Flour
          1/3 cup Shortening (vegetable or pork fat)

          Mix salt into cup of water.
          Place flour and shortening in food processor.
          Pulse until shortening is well mixed.
          With food processor running, pour in salty water slowly.
          Process until dough forms a ball. It should be slightly sticky.
          Remove from food processor and roll dough out into sausage shape on slightly floured counter.
          Cut into 6 even size pieces.
          Cut each of the 6 pieces in half to make 12 pieces of dough.
          Roll each piece of dough into a ball.
          Place 12 dough balls on plate and cover with plastic wrap.
          Let dough balls rest on plate, covered with plastic wrap on counter, for 1/2 hour.
          Roll out each dough ball into a 7-inch tortilla, one at a time as you cook them. Dust counter with a little flour whille rolling out tortilla.
          Cook in a dry or slightly oiled cast iron skillet over medium heat.
          Turn over after a minute or two.
          Cook until tops of bubbles that form are browned.
          As each tortilla is cooked, stack in a cloth lined (clean dish towel, etc) basket and cover with the cloth.
          They will steam and soften each other as they sit in the covered basked while you cook the remaining tortillas.

          Makes 12 flour tortillas.

          Source: One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless TV program.