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Apr 30, 2012 03:45 PM


I'll be in Carmel and would love to find some down-home, loca-vore, un-fussy, authentic ethnic fare for breakfasts and lunches.

Many thanks for all suggestions--would love details not just about great local spots, but also what to order.

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  1. Unless "ethnic" means French, Italian and maybe Spanish to you, you're kinda asking about the wrong town.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      what i was afraid of, reading through earlier posts.

      was thinking that there must be so many people who've come to that part of california from mexico and asia, that you'd find (if not in carmel, then in communities surrounding it) some great authentic fare from those regions.

      1. re: sundeck sue

        If we're talking the larger Monterey Peninsula, then you might do some chow sleuthing in Seaside and Marina. Some pretty good Korean food in Marina, but not better than you have at home in Oakland's Temescal area.

        Since this weekend is Cinco de Mayo, consider some of the regional Mexican in Seaside. Seaside has the highest density of Zapotecs (Oaxacan indigenous group) in California. There are old reports of Oaxacan places on this board, but none recently. Maybe you can find one for us.

        There is at least one Nayarit restaurant in Seaside. Haven't been there myself, here's the report,

        There are at least two Nayarit places in Salinas, one that I've not reported on yet. I'm just mentioning it to let you know that I've tried the cuisine locally and in LA and like the style of seafood very much, pescado zarandeado and various dishes with crayfish.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks so much. Will report back on anything interesting that I find!

    2. Heard that Michael Jones' son is/has opened a restaurant in Carmel in an old established venue. No other details, but he worked alongside his father at Moveable Feast Catering and Cachagua Store, and some in Europe, I believe.
      Melanie, do you have any details?

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          We dined at Casanova for lunch on Mon. Our third visit here. The patio was quiet as we arrived early. The Grilled Artichoke was excellent for a starter. I had the Spinach Gnocchi which was one of my favorite dishes of our trip. A glass of local Georis Sauv Blanc was perfect with our meal. :)