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Apr 30, 2012 02:02 PM

Looking for restaurant recs in Detroit

In Detroit for one night and looking for restaurant recommendations. Nothing too formal, and we are willing to travel if we need to! (Staying downtown, happy to eat downtown or outside the city.) In general, I'd say we are open to any type of food--except Coney Island. (No offense to the Coney, it's just that I had that plenty when I lived there many moons ago!) Thanks!

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  1. Italian: Giovanni's
    Hot, Dead, Cow: Roast
    Cuban: Vincentes
    Mixed menu: Iridescence or Coach
    Seafood: Ocean Prime (Troy), Northern Lakes (Birmingham)

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    1. re: rainsux

      Good recs! If you like Cuban and are searching on the web, note that it's Vicente's, not Vincente's. On Friday night, as unlikely as it may seem in the Midwest, you can see good Latin dancers there. For seafood I've also had some great meals at Streetside Seafood in Birmingham.

      1. re: Jim M

        Vicentes sounds very promising, will have to check that out.

      2. re: rainsux

        just went to coach tonight. would not go back. had to send my pasta back twice and still wasn't done right the third time.

        1. re: gan911

          Yikes. Our last visit underwhelmed ... But we gave them a pass based on prior visits. Perhaps our last was not a fluke.

        2. re: rainsux

          In addition....
          Deli and/or Soup = Mudgie's Deli in Corktown
          Pizza = Supino's in Eastern Market
          Breakfast = Le Petit Zinc in Corktown
          Latin = Taqueria Lupita's , El Barzon or Pupusería y Restaurante Salvadoreño

        3. If you're okay with extremely casual, check out one of the taco trucks in the Mexicantown area. Here's an easy-to-follow map of them: The pupuseria is also a delicious option for Salvadoran dishes: 3149 Livernois Avenue.

          1. Thanks for all the help! We ended up at Roast, which was really incredible. The Beast of the Day was suckling pig--hard to get better than that! And the beer selection was really outstanding. Just sad to see that area of town hasn't come back yet, but hopefully Roast and the Westin will help to bring more business there. Thanks!

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            1. re: jinksdc


              I’ll be staying near Hart Plaza in a few weeks. I’m looking for cocktails bars and anything else that’s unique to Detroit.

              Any recs are welcome.

              1. re: pete k

                check out the sugar house

                about 2 miles up michigan avenue (next to slows). you can even catch one of the six cabs in downtown detroit to get there.

                1. re: pete k

                  Go have bone marrow at Roast, since you liked it at Lola. Roast is also a Michael Symon restaurant.

                  1. re: ak994

                    I noticed that. My in-laws live in Cleveland, so going to a Symon restaurant is usually on my list when I visit. I would probably skip Roast in favor of something a bit more casual and less expensive.

                    Sugar House looks great, thanks for the rec.

                    1. re: pete k

                      Ah, but if you can go to Roast during Cocktail Hour and sit/eat at the bar, you can eat like a king for a pittance! Totally worth it. Really.

                      1. re: boagman

                        Sounds very promising...I'll add it back to the list.

                        Anything worthwhile around the Westin Cadillac? I will have access to a vehicle and can travel upwards of 5 miles for other options.

                        1. re: pete k

                          If you want a great slice of old Detroit, walk over to the Penobscot Building, go down to the basement, and try the Caucus Club. Old-school power lunches galore. Also open for dinner, but I've never tried it.


                2. re: jinksdc

                  went to roast for dinner on saturday and had a very good meal.

                  app: marrow - i liked it. my wife was completely grossed out (bad consistency - she won't eat anything with a jelly-like form). the waitress and i were able to goad her into trying it, albeit a microscopic piece - no luck.

                  app: beef cheek perogi. the beef cheek was very good but i thought the perogi was too dense/heavy, not like the featherwieght ones my grandparents used to make from scratch. my wife liked it.

                  entree: pork shank confit. the waitress steered me away from the suckling pig beast of the day for this and it was excellent. nice firey bbq glaze atop ultra tender pork.

                  entree: filet. cooked perfectly. i tried a piece the next day and it was good.

                  side - whipped potatos. very light and fluffy. i only had a tatse and it was good.

                  side - brussel sprouts. carmelized and crispy with a balsamic glaze. very good.

                  our waitress was great. friendly, helpful, pleasant, attentive, and had a little edge. she did a nice job.

                  i was a bit surprised by the bill. two apps, two entress, two sides, two beers (very nice selection), and two glasses of wine was only $122.

                3. OO,

                  Will you be in the area on a Sunday, late-morning? If so, which Sunday?

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                  1. re: rainsux

                    I'll be in next Friday, the 25th through Tuesday.

                    1. re: pete k

                      So you're in town for Movement/DEMF?

                      Sunday morning the winner is for sure Sunday Market at Thai Temple in Warren, beginning at 10:31am.




                      Also if you're going to Sugar House you might as well go to Slow's BBQ as well. It takes forever to get a table at Slow's, so put your name in there first, then head over to Sugar House. If your buzzer goes off when you're ready to leave Sugar House, fine. If it's too soon or not soon enough, just go return the buzzer.

                      Slow's address and hours here:

                      1. re: ak994

                        Guilty. :)

                        How far is Warren from downtown?

                        I'll add Slow's to the list..thanks for the rec.

                        1. re: pete k

                          About 17 miles.... 20 minutes driving time.