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Apr 30, 2012 01:19 PM

Melisse on Saturday, Friday night??

Dear LA CH's, I would love your input for a Friday night dinner suggestion near the Four Season in BH. Saturday night we are going Melisse and I have a reservation for Friday at The Bazaar, but my dear husband is not sold on it. We would both agree on fantastic Italian or a great steak. I am also intrigued by the menu at Red Medicine. Thank you

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  1. Red Medicine vs Bazaar? It's a different experience too - Red Medicine is very casual (and a bit too noisy for me - and I usually don't mind loud restaurants). Bazaar isn't good, but a bit of a novelty. Loved it the first time (and went with a chef I was dating - she loved it too), the second time I went with a group (and another chef) and we we underwhelmed. If you go - get the tasting menu, ordering a few a la carte items might leave you hungry and wondering the bit deal is all about. Fun decor though. Fantastic Italian - the Italian restaurant in the Four Season is pretty good but I definitely prefer Mozza or Angelini Osteria. Red Medicine - IMHO - is more interesting than delicious, whereas Mozza or Angelini - is more delicious than interesting. For instance, I was at the 5x5 dinner last night - a charity testing menu where chefs from Bouchon, Melisse, Providence, Angelini, Ludo, Ink all contributed a course. The least "interesting" of the bunch was Angelini's homemade spaghetti chittara, alla norcina; pasta, sausage, spring truffles and parmagiano-reggiano - but it was the most satisfying. (Not to detract from the other dishes - all delicious!). Mozza or Angelini would be my votes over Bazaar and Red Medicine. But you will find many who adore R.M. If the menu intrigues you - then there's a good chance you'll be in that group.

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      You nailed it..I am looking for delicious vs interesting/showy. I cancelled The Bazaar and spouse was not intrigued by RM.

    2. Great steak: Maybe Jar on Beverly would suit you. It's solid, with no hype, just great chops.

      Fantastic Italian: The board favorite would say to go to Scarpetta in Beverly Hills. But I prefer my hole-in-the-wall Cafe Angelino, which is super close to the Four Seasons (just east of the corner of Third & Robertson, on Third St.).

      Melisse is in Santa Monica, which is a bit of a drive from Four Seasons BH, in case you weren't aware.

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      1. re: J.L.

        Thank you and yes we plan on leaving early on Saturday. Melisse is our LA destination for the "foie for all" menu, my husband's food mistress.

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            Jar is excellent for steaks and chops. But the dish they are known for is the superlative pot roast.

            1. re: nosh

              and amazing sides... this may sound weird but their creamed corn is so amazing.

              1. re: Clyde

                Not weird at all! Their creamed corn IS quite great!

        1. It is worth noting that Saam is a much different experience than Bazaar. It's in a separate, quieter room, and several of the courses are delicious versus just being novelty concepts. I think Saam is worth trying once in one's lifetime.

          Either way, if you wanted to change it to Italian, I second the recs for Osteria Mozza and Angelini Osteria.

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          1. re: andytseng

            Thank you, we did not want to do a lengthy tasting menu on Friday. I will have to call Angelini, could not get an OT reservation past 5:45.

            1. re: Ela0427

              Angelini is really great. I also was going to suggest Madeo though it can be kind of a scene but i thought the food there was pretty great the one time i went. the paparazzi in front kind of scared me into going back.

              1. re: Clyde

                awesome! got a reservation at Angelini for Friday night. Thank you!!!