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Apr 30, 2012 01:19 PM

Step Up to the Plate documentary about Michel Bras at film festival

I saw the last scheduled screening at SFIFF yesterday afternoon. They do sometimes add screenings to the schedule during the week, so you might check that out.

The main focus of the film is the passing of the Bras restaurants (L'Aubrac and Kyoto) from Michel to his son Sebastien, however I thought the most sublime parts were the shots documenting Sebastien's process in creating new dishes and the ballet in the kitchen. Les Bras, pere et fils, specialize in the the ultimate in composed dishes and as they create a dish, they literally paint on the empty canvas of the plate.

I spoke to director Paul Lacoste and he told me that he had the third best meal of his entire life at Manresa Saturday. He called in Daniel Kinch in Los Gatos.

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