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Apr 30, 2012 12:48 PM

Romolo's sells one millionth cannoli

Romolo's celebrated what they figured to be the one millionth cannoli sold there. Lucky #1,000,000 won a free cannoli a day for a year, a special t-shirt and some kind of a party.

When I walked in the door at 4:30 Saturday, I saw the announcement and got excited. Then I noticed that the count was at 1,000,009. If only I hadn't dawdled on El Camino Real! The winner was fittingly, someone from the neighborhood. The owner said the guy behind her had a pained look on his face!

I bought 3 cannoli and their shells are the best I have ever had. The ricotta filling is sweet and creamy. Also bought a frozen quart of egg nog from the holidays. They have a few in the freezer if you want to go out of season. It is meant to be drunk with brandy. He said my Flor de Cana rum would work nicely too.

While there I had a scoop of spumoni and a scoop of strawberry granita. The granita was sweet and instensely berry flavored. I had that swooning sensation when I first tasted it. They also had a light, refreshing lemon granita. I liked the bits of candied fruit in the spumoni. A new flavor was salty caramel, which I wished I would have tasted.

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  1. Had business in Los Gatos, so stopped off in San Mateo on the way back. Romolo's was my 1st stop. They had a toasty cocoanut ice cream and a very chocolatey rocky road.

    On the very personable owner's suggestion, I got a chocolate "dipped" cannoli to go to be eaten in the next day. I didn't actually eat eat it until yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. I am kind of a purist where cannoli are concerned. Just the shell, the sweetened ricotta and some candied fruit please. However, the chocolate coating the inside of the shell prevented it from becoming at all soggy and the chocolate cut the sweetness of the ricotta and added its own chocolatey goodness. I may have to rethink by cannoli preference.

    The woman who won the free cannoli for a year has only cashed in on 2 in the 1st 3 weeks!